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Thread: On this day.

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    7 May

    On this day 7 May 1779 USS Providence captured the brig HMS Diligent, 12 guns, off Sandy Hook.
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    8 May

    On the 8th of May 1807, boats from the 22-gun Laurel class sixth-rate post ship HMS Comus, cut out the Spanish San Pedro de Apostol from the harbor at Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

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    9 May

    On the 9th of May 1795, the HMS Melampus, under the command of Richard Strachan, partook in an attack on a French convoy in Cartaret Bay.

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    10 May

    On May 10, 1801, the Pasha of Tripoi declared war on the United States.

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    11 May

    The Danish schooner The Alban encountered the HMS Rifleman.

    Capitulation of Charlestown, South Carolina to Vice-Admiral Arbuthnot and troops under General Sir Henry Clinton.

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    12 May

    Fall of Charleston, SC; three Continental Navy frigates (Boston, Providence, and Ranger) captured; and one American frigate (Queen of France) sunk to prevent capture.

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    13 May

    The First Fleet sailed from Great Britain on 13 May 1787 to establish the first European colony in Australia.

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    14 May

    On this day 14 May 1747 the First Battle of Cape Finisterre saw 14 British ships of the line under Admiral George Anson attack a French 30-ship convoy commanded by Admiral de la Jonquière during the War of the Austrian Succession.

    On the 14th of May 1814, Argentine and Spanish ships began a four-day engagement known as the Battle of Buceo.

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    15 May


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    16 May

    The Little Belt Affair was a naval battle on the night of 16 May 1811. It involved the United States frigate USS President and the British sixth-rate HMS Little Belt, a sloop-of-war.

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    18 May

    On 18 May 1803 the 36-gun frigate HMS Doris, under the command of Captain Richard Harrison Pearson, captured the French naval lugger Affronteur, off Ushant.

    Benedict Arnold captures British sloop and renames her Enterprise, first of many famous ships with that name.

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    19 May

    On the 19th of May 1808, the HMS Virginie captured the Dutch frigate Guelderland.

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    20 May

    Battle of Minorca was fought between Great Britain and France.

    Four warships sent to Mediterranean to protect American commerce.

    Commodore Stephen Decatur (Frigate Guerriere) sails with 10 ships to suppress Mediterranean pirate raids on U.S. shipping.

    USS Constitution sails from New York on 'round-the-world cruise.

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    21 May


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    22 May

    On the 22nd of May 1812, the HMS Northumberland, under the command of Captain Henry Hotham, defeated the frigates Ariane (40) and Andromaque (40) in an engagement off the coast of Groix in northwestern France.

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    23 May

    On 23 May 1813, the Virginia privateer schooner Roger and the schooner HMS Highflyer encountered each other and an indecisive, though prolonged, fight.

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    24 May


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    25 May


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    26 May

    On 26 May 1811, HMS Alacrity under Commander Nisbit Palmer, an 18-gun Cruizer class brig sloop, encountered the French brig-of-war Abeille, of twenty 24-pounder carronades, off Bastia, Corsica.

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    27 May

    On the 27th of May 1793, an engagement took place between the HMS Venus and the Sémillante, 375 nuatical miles off the west coast of Spain.émillante.

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    28 May

    The Glorious First of June Part 1 - On the 28th of May 1794, British and French forces engaged in what was a multi-day fight culminating in the battle known as The Glorious First of June.

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    29 May

    The Glorious First of June Part 2.

    Frigate Alliance captures HMS Atalanta and Trepassy off Nova Scotia.

    HMS Carysfort cruising the Eastern Atlantic for signs of a French convoy when on 29 May 1794 when lookouts sighted two sails which were soon revealed to be the 32-gun French frigate Castor towing a Dutch merchant ship.
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    30 May

    The Glorious First of June Pt 3

    The Treaty of Paris, signed on 30 May 1814, ended the war between France and the Sixth Coalition, part of the Napoleonic Wars, following an armistice signed on 23 May between Charles, Count of Artois, and the allies.

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    1 June

    The Glorious First of June Pt 5 - On the 1st of June 1794, the fleets of Admirals Howe and Villaret de Joyeuse engaged in the battle known as the Glorious First of June, Third Battle of Ushant, Bataille du 13 prairial an 2, or Combat de Prairial.

    The Glorious First of June (also known as the Third Battle of Ushant, and in France as the Bataille du 13 prairial an 2 or Combat de Prairial) of 1794 was the first and largest fleet action of the naval conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the First French Republic during the French Revolutionary Wars.

    On June 1, 1812, President James Madison sent a message to the Congress recounting American grievances against Great Britain, though not specifically calling for a declaration of war.

    The Capture of USS Chesapeake, or the Battle of Boston Harbor, was fought on 1 June 1813, between HMS Shannon and the USS Chesapeake, as part of the War of 1812.

    At 1030 on 1 June 1780, USS Trumbull's masthead lookout sighted a sail to windward what soon proved to be the British 32-gun letter-of-marque Watt.

    And of great importance on 1 June 1495 Friar John Cor records making the first known batch of scotch whisky.
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    2 June

    The naval Battle of Palermo took place on 2 June 1676 during the Franco-Dutch War, between a French force led by Abraham Duquesne and a Spanish force supported by a Dutch maritime expedition force.

    On 2 June 1805 the British surrendered the fortification at Diamond Rock to the French.

    2 Jun 1814 : USS Wasp captured British bark Neptune.

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    3 June

    Order received to sell last ship remaining in Continental Navy, frigate Alliance.

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    4 June

    On 4 June 1800 HMS Phoenix and HMS Port Mahon captured the French brig Albanaise.

    On the 4th of June 1805, a shore party of 50 men of the HMS Loire, prepared to land at Muros, Spain, as the Loire prepared to engage a French privateer that was fitting out in the bay.

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    5 June

    On the 5th of June 1807, the HMS Pomone (38), under the command of Captain Robert Barrie, engaged a convoy off the coast of France.

    First officers of the U.S. Navy under the Constitution are appointed.

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    7 June

    The 1692 Jamaica earthquake struck Port Royal, Jamaica on June 7 and caused most of the city to sink below sea level and about 2,000 people died as a result of the earthquake and the following tsunami. About 3000 people died in the days following the earthquakes due to injuries and disease.

    The naval Battle of Solebay took place on 7 June 1672 and was the first naval battle of the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

    The First Battle of Schooneveld, a naval battle of the Franco-Dutch War, fought off the coast of the Netherlands on 7 June 1673 between an allied Anglo-French fleet and the fleet of the United Provinces.

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    8 June

    On 8 June,1796 the French frigate Tribune, and her remaining two companions, the frigate Tamise and the corvette Legere, were sailing off the south coast of Ireland. At daybreak the British frigates Unicorn and Santa Margarita spotted the three French vessels and proceeded to chase them.

    The Action of 8 June 1755 was a naval battle between France and Great Britain early in the French and Indian War. The British captured the third-rate French ships Alcide and Lys off Cape Race, Newfoundland in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

    On 8 June 1761 Belle Île was captured.

    Sloop-of-war Vincennes becomes first U.S. warship to circle the globe.

    Commodore Matthew Perry arrives at Uraga, Japan, to begin negotiations for a treaty with Japan.

    Congress authorizes the Office of Judge Advocate General.
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    9 June

    On the 9th of June 1667, the Raid on the Medway began, a multi-day battle between the Dutch and English navies.

    On 9 June 1794 the 14-gun brig HMS Speedy, Commander George Eyre, ran into a French fleet.

    The Gaspée Affair was a significant event in the lead-up to the American Revolution.

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    10 June

    On 10 June 1805, wearied of the blockade and raids of the First Barbary War, and now under threat of a continued advance on Tripoli proper and a scheme to restore his deposed older brother Hamet Karamanli as ruler, Yussif Karamanli signed a treaty ending hostilities with the United States.

    On 10 June 1854, the first class of the United States Naval Academy students graduate.

    On the 10th of June 1772, the HMS Gaspée, under the command of Lieutenant William Dudingston, was boarded and burned by members of the Sons of Liberty.ée-Affair
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    11 June

    The Battle of Machias (also known as the Battle of the Margaretta) was the first naval engagement of the American Revolutionary War.

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    12 June

    The naval Battle of the Gabbard, also known as the Battle of Gabbard Bank, the Battle of the North Foreland or the second Battle of Nieuwpoort took place on 12–13 June 1653 during the First Anglo-Dutch War near the Gabbard shoal off the coast of Suffolk, England between fleets of the Commonwealth of England and the United Provinces.

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    13 June

    On 13 June 1796, about 12 leagues south of Cape Clear, Ireland, the 36-gun frigate HMS Dryad captured the 38-gun French frigate Proserpine following a relatively brief chase but a bitter action.

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    14 June

    On 14 June 1673 De Ruyter, reinforced by four ships (among which the heavy Oliphant and Voorzichtigheid) and fresh crews and fully resupplied, took advantage of a favourable northwest wind to attack the allied line.

    On June 14, 1777, the Marine Committee of the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution which stated: "Resolved, that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation." Flag Day is now observed on June 14 of each year.

    On June 14 1789 HMS Bounty mutiny survivors including Captain William Bligh and 18 others reach Timor after the journey in an open boat.

    And of great importance, on 14 June 1789 Whiskey distilled from maize is first produced by American clergyman the Reverend Elijah Craig.

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    15 June

    The Rhode Island General Assembly appointed Abraham Whipple commodore of two ships fitted out for the defense of the colony's trade.

    The USRC Ingham, under Captain Ezekiel Jones, was dispatched to the Texas coast to monitor Mexican seizures of Texan-owned and American-owned and flagged vessels and on 15 June 1835, near Brazos Santiago, the Mexican schooner Montezuma fired on Ingham and the fire was returned.

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    16 June

    Cornwallis's Retreat was a naval engagement during the French Revolutionary Wars in which a British Royal Navy battle squadron of five ships of the line and two frigates was attacked by a French Navy battlefleet of 12 ships of the line and 11 frigates in the waters off the west coast of Brittany on 16–17 June 1795.

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    17 June

    On 17 June 1794, as the 38-gun French frigate Sibylle was anchored in Miconi along with three merchantmen bound for Cadie, she was met with a British convoy escorted by the 50-gun HMS Romney, under Capt. Paget, and three frigates.

    On 17 June 1799 the squadron, consisting of the 40-gun Junon, 36-gun Alceste, 32-gun Courageuse, 18-gun Salamine and 14-gun Alerte under Contre-Admiral Jean-Baptiste Perrée, while enroute from Jaffa for Toulon, was south of Toulon when it ran into a British squadron under the command of Captain John Markham of HMS Centaur.

    On 17 June 1815, off the Algerian coast, the 38-gun frigate USS Constellation drove the 44-gun frigate Meshuda, the flagship of the Algerian Fleet, under the guns of Commodore Stephen Decatur's flagship, the 44-gun frigate USS Guerriere.

    USS Delaware enters drydock at Gosport Navy Yard in Norfolk, Va., the first warship to enter a public drydock in the United States.

    USS Mohican burns Mexican pirate ship Forward.

    Navy Hospital Corps established.

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    18 June

    On 18 June 1812 the U.S. Congress declared war on the United Kingdom, formally starting the conflict.

    On 18 June 1815 The Battle of Waterloo results in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher forcing him to abdicate the throne of France for the second and last time.

    1812 - U.S. declares war on Great Britain for impressment of Sailors and interference with commerce.

    1814 : USS Wasp captured British Brig Pallas .

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    19 June

    On 19 June 1793, as the 32-gun French frigate Cléopâtre sailed off Guernsey under Lieutenant de vaisseau Mullon, she encountered HMS Nymphe, under Captain Edward Pellew.

    On 19 June 1808, off the Naze of Norway in the vicinity of the port of Kristiansand, the brig-sloop HMS Seagull, Commander Robert B. Cathcart, chased the Dano-Norwegian brig Lougen.

    On the 19th of June 1815, a U.S. squadron, under the command of Stephen Decatur, defeated an Algerian brig off the coast of Spain.

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    20 June

    On the 20th of June 1783, British and French ships fought the Battle of Cuddalore off the coast of India in the Bay of Bengal.

    The Sack of Baltimore took place on June 20, 1631, when the village of Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland, was attacked by North African pirates from the North African Barbary Coast.

    While Great Britain was at war with Spain in 1740, Commodore George Anson, in the 60-gun Centurion, led a squadron of eight ships on a mission to disrupt or capture Spain's Pacific possessions.

    1813 - Fifteen U.S. gunboats engage three British ships in Hampton Roads, Va.

    1815 - Trials of Fulton I, built by Robert Fulton, are completed in New York. This ship would become the Navy's first steam-driven warship.

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    21 June

    On June 21 1655, ships from the Venetian and Ottoman navies battled in the vicinity of the mouth of the Dardanelles Strait.

    On 21 June 1749 Halifax, Nova Scotia, is founded. Halifax Harbour had served as a Royal Navy seasonal base.

    On 21 June 1798, the packet Princess Royal engaged the privateer Avanture, of Bordeaux.

    On 21 June 1804 HMS Hippomenes engaged a Guadeloupe privateer, the Buonaparte.

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    22 June

    On the 22 of June 1807, the HMS Leopard pursued, attacked, and boarded the USS Chesapeake in search of deserters from the British navy.

    On 22 June 1814 the 14-gun brig USS Rattlesnake, under the command of Lt. James Renshaw, was captured by the 50-gun British frigate HMS Leander.

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    23 June

    The Battle of Groix was a large naval engagement which took place off the island of Groix on the Biscay coast of Brittany on 23 June 1795 during the French Revolutionary Wars.

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    24 June

    While off Minorca on 24 June 1795 HMS Lowestoffe, a 32-gun frigate under Captain Robert Middleton, and HMS Dido, a 28-gun Frigate under Captain George Henry Towry, encountered two French frigates, the 42-gun Minerve and the 36-gun Artémise.

    On 24 June 1808 the 36-gun HMS Salsette, under Captain Walter Bathurst, captured a Russian cutter.

    On 24 June 1800 near Gibraltar, the 74-gun HMS Swiftsure, under Captain Benjamin Hallowell, was sighted by a French fleet under Admiral Ganteaume. Swiftsure was overtaken by the faster French fleet, consisting of four ships of the line and a frigate.

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    25 June



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