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Thread: On this day.

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    28 January


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    29 January


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    30 January


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    31 January


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    1 February

    France declares war on Great Britain and the Dutch Republic.

    The USS Constellation vs La Vengeance, or the Action of 1 February 1800, was a single-ship action fought between frigates of the French Navy and the United States Navy during the Quasi-War.

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    2 February


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    3 February

    The Quasi-War (French: Quasi-guerre) was an undeclared war fought mostly at sea between the United States and the French Republic from 1798 to 1800. In the United States, the conflict was sometimes also referred to as the Undeclared War With France, the Pirate Wars and the Half-War.

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    4 February


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    5 February


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    6 February

    The Battle of San Domingo was a naval battle of the Napoleonic Wars fought on 6 February 1806 between squadrons of French and British ships of the line off the southern coast of the French-occupied Spanish colonial Captaincy General of Santo Domingo (San Domingo in contemporary British English) in the Caribbean Sea.
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    7 February

    1800 - USS Essex becomes the first U.S. Navy vessel to cross the equator.

    1815 - The Board of Naval Commissioners, a group of senior officers, is established to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Navy under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy.

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    8 February


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    9 February

    The USS Constellation vs L'Insurgente, or the Action of 9 February 1799, was the first United States naval victory against a foreign naval vessel. A single-ship action fought between frigates of the French Navy and the United States Navy during the Quasi-War, the battle resulted in the USS Constellation's capture of L'Insurgente.

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    10 February


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    11 February


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    12 February


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    13 February


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    14 February

    The Battle of Cape St Vincent

    John Paul Jones, while commanding the American vessel Ranger, receives the first official salute to the U.S. Stars and Stripes flag by a European country.

    USS Essex becomes first U.S. warship to round Cape Horn and enter the Pacific Ocean.

    USS Constitution captures the British ships Lovely Ann and Pictou.

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    15 February


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    17 February

    Frigate HMS Cleopatra Captured

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    18 February

    On 18 February, 1797, a fleet of 18 warships under the command of Sir Ralph Abercromby invaded and took the Island of Trinidad.

    1800 - Nelson in Foudroyant, along with Alexander, Northumberland and Success, capture the French 74 Genereux

    On 18 February 1846, Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft issued the General Order to change “Larboard” to “Port” for identification of the left side of a sailing vessel.

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    19 February


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    20 February

    The British warships HMS Cyane and HMS Levant fought the USS Constitution on 20 February 1815 in mid-Atlantic.

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    21 February


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    22 February

    On 22 February 1797, French forces landed at the bay of Carregwastad.

    1799 February 22nd - British brig-sloop Espoir vs. Spanish xebec Africa.

    John Barry became first commissioned officer in the US Navy.
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    23 February

    The U.S. Navy Office of Purveyor of Supplies is established.

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    24 February

    On the 24th of February 1813, the USS Hornet engaged the HMS Peacock.

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    25 February

    On the 25th of February 1667, Abraham Crijnssen captured the Fort Willoughby.

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    26 February

    On the 26th of February 1815, Napoleon escaped from his exile on the isle of Elba.

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    27 February

    On the 27th of February 1665, Vice-Admiral de Ruyter defeated the English at the Battle at Elmina, Gold Coast.

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    28 February

    On this day of 28 February 1758, the HMS Monmouth (64) and the HMS Swiftsure (70) captured the French ship Foudroyant (80) during the Battle of Cartagena.

    The USS Princeton Disaster of 1844 occurred on February 28 aboard the newly built USS Princeton when one of the ship's long guns, the "Peacemaker", then the world's longest naval gun, exploded.
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    29 February

    Boats from HMS Menelaus cut out the French brig St Joseph.

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    1 March

    During the early morning hours of the 1st of March 1799, the HMS Sybille, formally the French ship Sibylle, captured the French frigate Forte in the Bay of Bengal.

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    2 March

    On the 2 March 1783, the HMS Resistance captured two French ships off of Grand Turk Island.

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    3 March

    On 3 March 1776, the U.S. Continental Navy and Continental Marines, under the command of Commodore Esek Hopkins, performed the Marine’s first ever amphibious landing.

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    4 March

    On the 4th of March, 1778, Captain Samuel Chew lost his life in hand-to-hand combat while commanding the USS Resistance.

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    5 March

    On the 5th of March 1800, the HMS Phoebe, a 36-gun 5th rate, captured the Heureux, a 22-gun privateer.

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    6 March

    USS Enterprise captures four pirate ships in the Gulf of Mexico.

    USS Monitor departs New York for Hampton Roads, Va.

    Republic of Texas Schooner Liberty captures Mexican Schooner Pelicano

    HMS Phaeton captured the French privateer Actif off Ushant

    A squadron under Rear Admiral Keats launched a series of raids on the Spanish coast between Rota and Porta de Santa Maria, destroying many shore batteries

    Winston Churchill first coined the phrase "The Battle of the Atlantic" with respect to the war between the convoys and U boats.

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    7 March

    On March 7 1778, the U.S. frigate Randolph attacked the HMS Yarmouth, an uneven duel that resulted in significant loss for the Americans.

    On this day in 1810, Vice Admiral Lord Collingwood died at sea on board HMS Ville de Paris whilst on his way home to Great Britain on sick leave.

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    8 March

    On the 8th of March 1808, the HMS St. Fiorenzo concluded a three-day intermittent engagement with the Piémontaise, a French 40-gun frigate.

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    9 March

    On March 9 1797, the HMS St. Fiorenzo and the HMS Nymphe captured the French frigate Résistance and corvette Constance en route to Brest.

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    10 March

    On the 10th of March 1783, the final naval battle of the American War of Independence was fought off the coast of Cape Canaveral.

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    11 March

    Acasta, Newcastle and Leander encountered Constitution and the prizes Levant and Cyane off the Cape Verde islands.

    In 1854, March 11th saw the first deployment of an RN steam fleet

    On the 11 of March 1787, Horatio Nelson wed Frances “Fanny” Nisbet on the island of Nevis.

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    12 March


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    13 March

    On the 13th of March 1811, the Battle of Lissa took place between French, Italian, and British forces off the island of Lissa in the Adriatic Sea.

    On 13 March 1795 the 32-gun frigate HMS Lively captured the French frigate Tourterelle.

    The anniversary of the battle of Lissa, 1811.

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    14 March

    On the 14th of March 1795, British, Neapolitan, and French ships concluded the naval Battle of Genoa off the coast of northwest Italy.

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    15 March

    On the 15th of March 1808, the French frigate Sémillante began an engagement with the HMS Terpsichore.

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    16 March

    On the 16th of March 1781, British and French ships fought the Battle of Cape Henry off the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia.

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    17 March

    On the 17th of March 1800, the HMS Queen Charlotte was destroyed by fire off the island of Cabrera.


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