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Thread: On this day 25 February

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    Default On this day 25 February - Bombarding of Fort Willoughby

    On the 25th of February 1667, Abraham Crijnssen captured the English fort, Fort Willoughby, on the northern coast of South America. Having departed from the Dutch port of Veere, Crijnssen led a force of three frigates (Zeelandia, West-Cappelle and Zeeridder) and four smaller ships to the West Indies to engage the English. Arriving at the Suriname River, he proceeded to bombard the fort, upon which the English surrendered. Within a short period of time, the Dutch secured the entire colony, and renamed the fort as Fort Zeelandia.

    Departing for the West Indies:
    Name:  Crijnssen Departing for the West Indies - 1666.jpg
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    Bombarding fort Willoughby:
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    Abraham Crijnssen:
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    For more information on today’s story:
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