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Thread: Origins 2024 - Fire as She Bares!

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    Default Origins 2024 - Fire as She Bares!

    Origins 2024 Game 3 – SOG – ‘Fire as She Bares’

    3rd game I ran was another Sails of Glory. A meeting of the fleets with the Royal Navy having the wind advantage. How surprising!

    French Captains, - ships
    Mark Wukas – Neptune
    Mike Jacobs – Commerce de Bordeux
    Tim Marx – Dauphin

    Royal Navy Captains – ships
    Franz Albright – HMS Tonnant
    Chris Weaver – HMS Goliath
    Robert Durst – HMS Zealous

    Both squadrons started in line making just off each other’s starboard. That didn’t last long as some of the captains had better ideas and broke line.
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    The first shots are fires by HMS Tonnant into Neptune.
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    Bordeux and HMS Goliath get close and let loose at each other with no love lost.
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    Neptune and Dauphin return fire as they turn away from HMS Tonnant.
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    As the crew reload the captains study the positions and plot their next maneuvers.
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    The Royal Navy strikes first with HMS Tonnant and HMS Zealous concentrating fire on Neptune.
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    Many of HMS Tonnants shot fall short to Neptunes delight.
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    HMS Goliath adds to Neptunes woes with Neptune not able to return fire.
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    Dauphin does what it can with a full broadside into HMS Tonnant.
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    Neptune finally gets in a shot at HMS Goliath as she passes to the port.
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    Dauphin and HMS Goliath pound away at each other and the damage adds up to both.
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    HMS Zealous and Dauphin exchange close range broadsides while HMS Goliath reloads.
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    HMS Zealous is in a tight spot facing twoFrench SOLs.
    HMS Goliath emerges from behind HMS Zealous and bow rakes the Neptune.
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    Tired and wounded crews reload as fast as they can.
    Grog is generously passed out on both sides to help their morale.
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    Neptuine gets in the better position and sends a broadside into HMS Goliath.
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    HMS Tonnant and Dauphin blast away at each other from below and above decks as well as from the rigging.
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    Bordeux cheerfully fires a broadside into HMS Goliath.
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    HMS Zealous (center) and Neptune (right) flail away with all they have left.
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    HMS Tonnant blasts into Neptune with a full broadside with a return of the starboard rear section.
    Bordeux fires its few guns into HMS Zealous from a safe distance.
    What few marines that are left fire from the Neptune and HMS Zealous.

    Why is there a giant hand pointing…
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    Oh, that’s why!
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    Both squadrons fought tooth and nail to the bitter end. The mutual destruction at the end was poetic justice for this fight.

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    Another splendid battle Peter. Did any side actually get the upper hand after all that Meyhem?

    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bligh View Post
    Another splendid battle Peter. Did any side actually get the upper hand after all that Meyhem?

    This one was a toe to toe heavyweight bout to the final round. No clear advantage to either side when it ended. A well fought battle by both sides.


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