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Thread: Creating a more forgiving rule for running aground?

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    Default Creating a more forgiving rule for running aground?

    We (me and three friends) are a pretty noob group to the game still. We've played 5-6 games so far, and in an overwhelming number of them somebody has run aground with at least one ship. It's of course hilarious and great fun, but perhaps the penalty of being stuck for the rest of the game is a bit harsh for gaming purposes? Has anyone come up with a house rule for this?

    How about having to spend 2 turns on getting loose + having two leaks, or something? Or spending as many turns as your burden?

    I will happily take suggestions here.

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    We make the ships on sandbars launch ships boats 1 move, row out 1 move, deploy anchor, 1 move, winch ship off 2 moves, recover anchor 1 move, and then move off at slow speed, setting sails as you go each turn. Total stuck time 6 cards. For rocks add to damage drawn, the loss of guns tossed over the side of ship to lighten it. Guns lost = to burden of ship two moves. Then proceed as above for sand. Total stuck time 8 cards. If you come under fire during this period. Only loaded guns not being jettisoned may reply once, as most of crew are otherwise engaged and will not be available to reload guns. Also any zero chits drawn are redrawn and scores applied to the boat crews deploying the anchor. Any hits with extra damage destroy a longboat, and the process has to begin again from the start of the launch sequence. I have chits for these moves to add to your number of actions allowed box.

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