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Thread: Tim Honier and Monse fourth battle

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    Default Tim Honier and Monse fourth battle

    Fourth confrontation between Tim Honier and Monse.
    Advanced rules: deployment and reduction of sails, proximity musketry fire, limitation of crew actions.
    Introduction of special damage and delayed repairs.

    Monse leads the French ships: frigate Courageuse (34 guns), ship of the line Généreux (74 guns).
    Tim Honier commands the English ships: frigate HMS Terpsichore (34 guns), ship of the line HMS Defence (74 guns), which must sail around an island (made by Antsaintex) to scout.
    Northwest wind.

    1. English ships move forward in line.
    2. Exchange of long-range fire between frigates: 2 waterways for the French, one dismasting for the English.

    3. The English ship of the line inflicts two dismastings and a fire on her French counterpart.
    4. The French frigate inflicts a leak on the English ship of the line, which has not programmed musket fire, but suffers musket fire from the English frigate. The dismasted English frigate begins to drift.

    5. The French ship of the line is finally able to fire on the English frigate, inflicting a dismasting and four crew losses. Having just repaired one of the waterways, the French frigate is fired upon by the English and suffers another waterway.
    6. With her hull flooded, the French frigate sank body and soul. Limited in maneuvering by the English frigate, the French frigate is content to send a weak burst of musketry. The English frigate has regained its ability to maneuver.

    7. The English fire jointly at the French ship-of-the-line, which accumulates damage but dismasts the English frigate once again.
    8. The English ship of the line suffers high damage points. The English frigate is able to observe the island.

    9. Deadly gunfire between the English frigate and the French vessel, which suffers another fire.
    10. Deprived of her ability to maneuver, the English frigate is lost at sea with the results of her observations. The French ship sinks in turn, ravaged by flames, while the English ship of the line is able to return to port despite the damage.

    Conclusion: the English observation mission could not be completed.
    Both sides' frigates and the French ship of the line are eliminated.
    The accumulation of special damage proved fatal for the crews, who were unable to overcome it.
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    A right, sharp and brutal action! Well played. :)

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    Certainly a ferocious engagement! Keep on playing!

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    I was going to say this was a ferociously brutal fight but those words have already been used.
    So I'll just say it was a great action, well done.


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