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    Cold Wars Game 4 ‘Running the Shoals’

    I submitted the game with a maximum of 10 players and was happy that I got 8 participants. A few were new to the game but caught on quickly. I had prepared to play with all the rules but with 3 newcomers I didn't want to scare them off with the extra complexity. Also, being the 4th game I ran on Friday it was probably better from my end that I kept it simple.

    A French Squadron was making its way to the open ocean by way of the passage inside the shoal s that line this portion of the coast. When the Royal Navy arrived with the wind advantage, the fight was on.
    Spoiler alert!!! If you are a Royal Navy enthuiast, you may not want to continue.

    Eight jolly Captains start the day thinking victory would be theirs.
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    The HMS Superb take on three of the four French!
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    To the southwestern end of the shoals two RN SOLs have one French ship apparently trapped between them.
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    Captain Bill of the HMS Superb has no fear in amongst the trio of French SOLs.
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    A second RN SOL approaches cautiously as the Superb keeps the French occupied.
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    RN Captain Robert is caught by the French SOL and forced along the edge of the shoals.
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    French Captain Mike trying to avoid a rake from RN Captain Max.
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    French Captain Mike succesfully avoids the rake but not a bow shot. RN Captain Max’s laugh can be heard over the gunfire.
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    The Neptune and HMS Superb pass each other very closly and blast away with their rear gun sections
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    HMS Goliath parts ways with the Genereux but takes a shot up the stern.
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    With two RN ships sliding under the waves the Dauphin and Le Berwick sail towards the remaining enemy ships. The HMS Superb put up a heroic effort taking on 3 French SOLs but help was late in coming and she succumbed to the voluminous fire against her. The HMS Goliath did her best taking on one, then a second French SOL and she too was claimed by King Neptune.
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    The HMS Tonnant, late to the fight wonders where her sisters have all gone. Only Captain Max is still afloat, but soon also sinks due to damage to her hull.
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    The HMS Tonnant has a tough task ahead, engages with two French and two more getting closer.
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    The Genereux tangles with the HMS Tonnant taking heavy fire while blasting away with its starboard bow section. The HMS Tonnant has had enough and strikes its colors!
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    Even starting with the wind against them the French pull off a spectacular victory defeating all four RN SOLs while losing none of their own! Vive la France!

    All Captains sailed exceptionally in that they all avoided the shoals scattered about. That said, The Royal Navy had its troubles. The HMS Tonnant took a wrong turn and could not get back into the fight until it was all but done. The other three RN SOLs did their best to fight an uphill battle outnumbered 3 vs 4 with the Tonnant off having tea.
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