Ready for rigging these Ark Royal 1/1200 17th Century ships. Left to right - Royalist ships, Convertine and Constant Reformation (Prince Rupert's flagship), and the Commonwealth Ships, St. George (Blake's flagship) and Leopard.

Links to info on the ships:

The 4th Rate Convertine:
The 2nd Rate Constant Reformation:
The 2nd Rate St. George:
The 3rd Rate Leopard:

I've used a flush-deck ship for the Leopard so it looks smaller than the higher deck Convertine, but it is a 50-gun ship vs 40 guns for the Convertine.

Ships shown with the newly arrived rules for 17th century naval warfare, Mad for War.

Standing rigging - only done for the Leopard - is using brush bristles. Using thread would be a lot of work due to the Ark Royal's have the sails and masts cast as one piece. I'm sure I'd get too much slack in the threads. However, I will try doing the running rigging with thread as a bit of slack there is tolerable.

Note: I'm not sure if the real Leopard was a flush deck ship, but this ship was lost shortly after the encounter between Blake and Rupert. A new Leopard was launched in 1659. It was about 50 guns, so this model is probably more appropriate for that ship.

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