A belated Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I haven't posted in quite a while, but the bride and I played a modified rematch of the last game I'd posted on this site and thought it might be worth sharing. As in the past, the following is from an "album" in her Facebook page. We played it right after Christmas (you may even see evidence of our tree in a picture or two) and my wife commanded a squadron of three ships, hence the title. I apologize in advance for the enormous images which make it difficult to read the captions beneath them; I can't figure out how to resize them which caused me to bump up the size of the text as well. Anyway, that being said, ENJOY!

"I Saw Three Ships ..." ala Sails of Glory: part 1

Mike and i played a game a year or so ago that we felt needed to be revisited and, after the recent holidays, we did so...even if we DID modify its scope a bit. following is my Captain's Log...ENJOY!

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a new year, a sloppy day, so why not play a game. hey, why not revisit Sails of Glory...

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...and try out Mike's new double-sided battle mat. one side is "dark water", the reverse is "Caribbean"

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...this is our starting setup. i command a squadron of three British 74s while Mike commands a 74 as well as a giant First Rate (all Ships of the Line), which he needs to exit off the "Far Side of the World" ;) to win....as for me, i "just" have to stop him...

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as usual, we share a beverage to start the game (this time a glass of Madeira)!

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...this is my flagship, the 74 gun HMS BELLona ;)...

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...and this is Mike's, the 118 gun Montagne.

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after a few moves i decide to veer my squadron toward Mike's...

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...in an attempt to block his way. this is tricky because Mike has the weather gage and i have to carefully time my crossing his path without losing any wind

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...finally, i've reached a point where i can anticipate "crossing his T"...but rather than wait for a rake, my HMS Zealous will take a quick shot at his Redoubtable...the rest of my squadron clean up after me

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first blood! and, all things considered, it's actually a rather devastating broadside for long range...

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...and here's its effect: 3 hull damage, 2 crew hits, rudder damage, a broken mast, sail damage and, worst of all, 2 LEAKS! YAY!!! :D

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...oh no! my mother urgently needs help with something...talk about being saved by the bell!!! :(

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but that's alright, he's not going to get out of this game THAT easily...this table stays AS IS overnight!!!

i'll be back to share the continuation of our high seas adventure REAL SOON!!!

Unfortunately, that's as far as "Part 1" of THIS story goes. However, it DOES have an immediate sequel with all the excitement of a clash between formidable ships of the line which finally does come to a conclusion. But rather than post it here and overburden this thread, I'll post it separately (as she originally did) in a few days. So keep a watch on the lookout for more.