Dubrovnik: The prologue.

Following his success at the Battle of Lissa, Captain Hoste and his Squadron were in sore need of repairs. In June Hoste and the Amphion sailed for England, and he was not to return to the Adriatic until the following August in command of the newly commissioned HMS Bacchante. He now continued where he had left off and savaged the French merchantmen bringing supplies to the various garrisons up and down the coast. His next conquest was in the reduction of the Stronghold of Cattaro. In order to aid the Montenegrins, who were besieging the seaport without much success. By landing his ship’s guns and manhandling them up what was regarded to be an insurmountable mountain overlooking the defences, capitulation was forced upon the garrison, and with this victory under his belt he then proceeded to attempt a repeat of the operation at Ragusa. Before he could undertake any landings it was imperative that he ascertained the strength of the enemies defences. To this e