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Thread: Origins 2022 - game 5 - Protect the Grain Convoy Fri 1pm

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    Default Origins 2022 - game 5 - Protect the Grain Convoy Fri 1pm

    Origins 2022 – game 5 – SOG Protect the Grain Convoy – Friday 1pm

    9 captains signed on to sail the ocean blue to either protect or attack the abstracted grain convoy. Not wanting to clog the table with actual ships for the convoy I used a slowly moving 18” long Ruler as the convoy. The British were restricted to only being able to fire on the convoy from one direction. It moved ~3” a turn along the table’s long edge.

    The starting positions and a shot of each Squadron.
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    5 French ships escort the convoy with 4 Royal Navy vessels closing in with the wind advantage.
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    The Royal Navy split up to confuse the French as to how to cover the convoy.
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    One RN ship moves quickly ahead to cut off the convoy, two position themselves to attack the tail of the convoy with the final ship waiting in the center to see what happens.
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    Two French ships go after the leading British SOL. One of the French entangles with the larger Royal Navy vessel.

    Near the rear of the convoy things get hot. One French vessel takes down it’s sails to drift into a shooting position. It has furious exchanges with two British ships and ends up striking it’s colors. (see the top center French with the flag counter)

    Another French ship entangles with the Royal Navy vessel closest to the convoy but not after two grain ships are set ablaze.
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    In the van, the larger RN vessel forces the French ship entangled with it to strike.
    The oncoming second French ship is too late to stop the surrender.
    The British SOL leaves a prize crew on board and heads off to attack the convoy.
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    Back at the convoy’s tail the entangles RN ship strikes but not until it sinks another grain ship.

    The game ends with 1 RN ship and 2 French ships to have struck. The RN sank enough of the grain convoy to claim a legitimate victory.

    Sadly I didn't get to take many photos of this game. I also have to be better at knowing what ship is where. Next time I'll have that fixed.
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