Origins game 4 - Sails of Glory - Harbor Raid Friday 10am.

Nine Captains joined in to play out the Harbor Raid. The Royal Navy was tasked with a dangerous mission, to bombard the defended French port. A French force were on alert in the bay just north of the port and were ready when the RN approached. 5 RN ships had to run the gauntlet of forts and then face 4 French ships. (There should have been 6 RN ships but only 5 appeared for the game so the balance was heavily against them. In hindsight I should have probably made the sides 6 vs 3 instead of 5 vs 4 or watered down the forts more than I did.)

In the next few photos you’ll see the starting positions. Forts marked with red and the target, the port a green line that the RN had to bombard.
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The wind is up and the ships are on the move!
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The vanguard of the RN covers the rest of the squadron, placing itself to screen the fort in the center of the bay. (I had the forts fire only every 3 turn)
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One French ship sails towards the rear of the RN while the fort on the south side of the bay gets pummeled into submission. The fort is destroyed but not before it inflicted some damage on a pair of RN vessels.
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The French cut off the line to the port and the RN is frustrated running into the French broadsides and entanglements.
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The French have an advantage at the van and punish the British ships.
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With the entanglement lingering the rest of the RN catches up in the center. The RN flanker tries to run wide and around the French.
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With some heavy fighting two RN ships strike their colors! The flanker gets past his for and makes a run at the port.
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The two trailing RN vessels realize the raid has failed and turn to attack the French ship trying to block their retreat.
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Three of the five RN ships make their way back to the blockading squadron to report on their lack of success. A rare day for the French Navy to celebrate a clear victory over their rivals.