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    Default Weighted Bases

    I've had the starter set and about 20 ships since 2016, but sadly not exercised the fleets much until recently. One of the first changes I made in 2016/17 was a modified base to provide some heft and prevent it sliding on the table with even the slightest touch.

    A large sized washer from the local hardware store along with silicone bumpers used in picture hanging and they work a treat and makes them feel great to handle and much more stable. The bumpers which are shaped like hockey pucks seem to have the ideal height rather than the domes ones, and barely extend beyond the base. You may have to trial and error a couple of different types from local hardware stores.

    Thought I would share.

    Also, balking at the price of a 6x4 neoprene playmat, I found a 6ft x 5ft deep blue tablecloth on amazon with a great wavy design. I'm leaning towards stylistic representation rather than realism so this suits me fine especially for $35 CAD! Search for tablecloth jacquard swirl. Mine was shipped from the US from a company called Lipo and its a decent thickness.

    Cheers all.

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    I did something similar Howard, by following Dobbs's idea and putting a heavy rubber mat in the base.

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