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Thread: AAR: April 1799 - The 2nd battle of Toulon, Part 1

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    Default AAR: April 1799 - The 2nd battle of Toulon, Part 1

    The description to the scenario can be found here:

    We have not yet played the battle completely, so this AAR describes the round 1-7. The event for Part 2 is not yet scheduled.

    Extinguish fire action
    The "extinguish fire" action marker may be placed in advance without an active fire on board. The "fire brigade" crew members are already awaiting action and can react faster. The fire is eliminated at the end of the next round, so the ship gets only one permanent damage from the fire.

    First broadside
    The "first broadside-rule" is modified as follows:
    The normal number of damage counters is drawn, but for every "0" counter a second counter may be taken. Second "0" counters have to be counted as "0", no third ones may be taken.

    Reduced collision damage
    In case of a collision between ships, each ship takes two "C"-counters damage. If one of the ships participating in the collision has a "boarding"-action counter placed, the crew was already aware of the collision and tried to avoid the worst damage. The player may put one of the two "C"-damage counters back into the bag.

    According to the setup rules we created the following situation:

    Wind from North to South, French player starts with setup. The outcome was:

    Orient on the northern edge in the middle of the gaming area, in line behind Orient (outside the board) Le Swiftsure and Protée. French Reinforcement: Robuste.
    HMS Victory on the southern edge in the eastern half of the gaming area, in line behind her (outside the board) HMS Vanguard. HMS Bahama in the north-eastern corner of the gaming area. British reinforcement: HMS Spartiate.

    Round 1

    Round 1, Overview
    All anchored ships are hectically setting sails and are hauling in the anchors, but round 3 will be the first for the anchored ships to move.
    HMS Victory is approaching the stern of the Formidable, and Orient is targeting HMS America.

    Round 2

    The fist shots are exchanged between HMS Victory and Formidable: Formidable fires a double shot fusillade with the stern battery and causes only little damage, HMS Victory fires a full broadside loaded with grape shot. The outcome for the already decimated crew of the Formidable is devastating.

    In the North, Orient opens fire on HMS America with double shot from her stern battery. Two fires break out in HMS America. Even with the "extinguish fire"-houserule this will bring HMS America into serious trouble.

    Round 3

    Round 3 starts with a "Let the men drink"-action for the commanding officers. The last bottle of "Fregatten Jylland"-beer has to be emptied before it reaches its date of expiry.

    Round 3, Overview

    Formidable is setting sails and tries to escape the British flagship. But the British musketeers kill the last men of the Formidable’s crew. Not even a boarding action is necessary to conquer the powerful ship.

    HMS Caton and Orient are opening fire vice versa. The Carmagnole tries to escape from the melee.

    HMS Bahama and Le Swiftsure are opening fire on each other, a fire breaks out on Le Swiftsure

    Round 4

    As reinforcement for the Formidable lost in round 3, the last French ship appears on the gaming area. The Robuste appears in a fog bank on the southern edge in the eastern half of the gaming area, close to HMS Vanguard.

    Round 4, Overview

    The Orient, which had executed a "4" maneuver in Round 3, got a rudder damage from a cannonball from HMS Caton. Therefore the originally planned "7"-maneuver becomes illegal in this round and is replaced by a "5". This brings her in a position where she could be perfectly raked by HMS America. But America’s crew is too busy with extinguishing fires and does not have a "fire broadside"-order for the starboard battery.

    HMS Victory boards the Formidable to take over the ship.

    (HMS) Proserpine and HMS Bahama almost collide with each other. Almost! An example of excellent British seamanship (or maybe luck )!

    Round 5

    Round 5, Overview

    Alarmed from the suddenly appearing Robuste, the Vanguard prepares for a collision. Because of the stronger burden and the better wind position Robuste’s move has to be executed first. This results in a position where HMS Vanguard can rake the Robuste, and can only be hit by Robuste’s bow battery. The outcome a disaster for France.

    The already damaged HMS America and HMS Caton get more hits from Orient and Carmagnole. Again collisions are avoided by the skin of one’s teeth.

    France has obviously given up to re-capture the (HMS) Proserpine but does not want the British to sail away with it.

    HMS Victory has transferred some crewmen to the Formidable, which now hoists the Union Jack.

    Round 6

    At begin of round 6 the wind increases to "strong" and veers to North-East.

    Round 6, Overview

    Robuste and HMS Vanguard are still stuck, in an optimal position for HMS Vanguard. France is in danger of losing the second 3rd rate-ship to Britain.

    The seriously damaged HMS Caton tries –as more or less "final action"- to hit the Carmagnole, but is a bit too slow. HMS America receives her final damage tokens.

    (HMS) Proserpine tries to outmaneuver Le Swiftsure and Protée but is hit by both stern batteries and gets a leak, which will sink the frigate.

    The British SoL are re-grouping to face the enemy.

    The end of round 6 means also the end to HMS America

    Round 7

    At begin of round 7 we see the end of HMS Caton

    Round 7, Overview. As reinforcement for HMS America, the HMS Spartiate appears in a fog bank on the eastern half of the gaming area.

    HMS Vanguard, almost finished in fighting down the Robuste, gets hit by a first broadside double shot bow rake from the Carmagnole. This takes her almost immediately out of action.

    (HMS) Proserpine takes her last hits.

    At the end of round 7 it is over for the Robuste. No crewmen left and an active leak.

    Begin of round 8

    Begin of round 8, before movement. The action will continue at another occasion.

    The butcher’s bill Round 1-7

    The (HMS) Proserpine sinks at begin of round 8, we will not bring her on the table again when we play the sequel.

    The British reinforcement HMS Spartiate has entered the gaming area (in a fog bank on the eastern half).

    HMS Victory has only little damage.

    For HMS Vanguard, the game is almost over. With an active leek and an active fire on board and only one crew action left it will be very difficult to save the ship.

    HMS Bahama is almost undamaged.

    (HMS) Formidable is now sailing under the British flag. She is not heavily damaged, but has only three crew.

    "Le Swiftsure" has only little damage.

    Carmagnole is almost undamaged

    Orient is undamaged

    Protée is undamaged

    It will be very hard for France to win this battle. The "trap" to place the Robuste in a fog bank very close to HMS Vanguard turned into a boomerang because the movement of the Vanguard was estimated totally wrong. This has likely initiated the defeat of France. In addition, Britain has now set up the same trap for Le Swiftsure by placing HMS Spartiate in a fog bank. Le Swiftsure can now choose between being raked by HMS Victory or by HMS Spartiate. She will hardly survive the upcoming attack of both ships. The three other French ships are almost undamaged, but Carmagnole and Protée will not be able to fight very long against the three British SoL Plus the captured (HMS) Formidable, which is still good for firing one or two crucial broadsides. France needs some lucky shots...

    …to be continued…
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