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Thread: Not for the faint hearted

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    Default Not for the faint hearted

    I cannot believe how many essential things in life I have been missing out on. The thousands of emails I have got over the last couple of days telling me what bargains I can get in the black Friday sales are really educational. So I girded my loins (or whatever the saying is) and made a purchase yesterday. I bought a colour printer! At Big W it cost me $44 AUD which is $31.62 USD, 23.74 GBP or $46.14 NZD if you live in the place where the Aussie dollar looks good. It is an HP Deskjet 2300 all in one printer and it is a USB model. That means it is not on a network where the colour cartridges can be exhausted in a couple of hours depending on what the other family folk are up to.

    It has been a few years since I had my last colour printer which was a laser one and I had forgotten what fun it can be when you want to print a PDF or something at actual or rather 100% size. In this case it was a ship card. I have PDf Escape which is supposed to a program that lets you print, edit and do clever things without buying the Acrobat program and the out put from that was a bit variable to be kind. I rarely find that it prints exactly how I want it to, with scale not being quite right etc. Anyway, I got my ship printed using 97% size in printer settings which equated to 100% of what it should be.

    Moral of this is that cheap is not always bad and if you are prepared to fiddle a bit then it can be a good investment.

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    I would heartily recommend The Epson ET series printers if anyone is looking for new colour printers. Unlike most of these, it uses bottled ink, and large ink reservoirs rather than 5-15ml cartridges - each is 70ml... and cheaper.

    It was more expensive to buy upfront, but not by enough to put me off - I'm still on the original bottles but getting toward the refill level on black after using it for a year "freely" to print out pdfs and google books scans & fencing treatises - but is as cheap as a mono-laser to use to print in colour on plain paper (more with specialist papers of course).

    I barely used the previous printer (Canon) because of consumables costs, and it died from drying out terminally and getting clogged in the print head.

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    I must admit that my Cannon is expensive to run, but it is very reliable.
    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.


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