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    It's been a very long time since I pulled out the Sails of Glory box although with some recent 1/700 miniature builds I've been thinking about the game in terms of ease of jumping in, etc. Using ships from the Black Seas, but the basic rules for Sails of Glory how much would rules, ranges, etc., need to be altered for reasonable play? Here's what I did this afternoon before I ran out of time. Ship cards were scaled up for 1/700, but I decided to use the regular movement cards just to see how it all might work on a 3 foot by 4 1/2 foot table. Ships closed very quickly using the only solo rules I had on hand. Only one turn of actual combat but that might be fine for quick play throughs? I ran out of time before having to clear off the table, but thoughts, etc. are welcome. Oh, and it was quite fun shooting again, but I'm incredibly rusty when it comes to the rules, even basic rules.
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