As you know I have been studying the power of fortifications of late, and this made me reconsider another area which I have been interested in whilst building my Carronade. When the carronade rule was introduced I just accepted it for what it was. In return for being able to load and fire every turn as the gun was shorter lighter and easier to manover, we sacrificed range, as the fact is that carronades were extremely inaccurate at long ranges even though they still had the power to inflict damage. Fair enough. Then I looked at reports of the "Smashers in action" and realised the real reason for employing them at close range. and why they came into more general use was that they were far more lethal than the ball fired from a standard deck gun. Should they, therefore, not have an extra bonus above the simple B chit which any gun fires when used at close range? Maybe something similar to a raking shot rounded up by a chit extra for every three delivered, or if this seems too draconian, perhaps just an extra chit for each deck mounting them?

Your thoughts would be welcome.