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Thread: How I paint the deck of 3D printed hulls.

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    Default How I paint the deck of 3D printed hulls.

    The hull I will paint is first sprayed black.

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    I start out painting by dry brushing the deck planks.

    Name:  A75ED0BB-6835-4B1B-B147-795740BEF749.jpg
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    Then I paint in the reddish colour that I paint the deck details in. On this Spanish ship I also painted the inner sides this colour.

    Name:  834E57DE-DE4B-4F0C-AD83-66945796D8C1.jpg
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    Then the gun carriages got red paint on them.

    Name:  9FD4F83A-2894-4A34-9414-F0A57BF0CEF5.jpg
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    I dilute black paint and put a generous wash of the deck.

    Name:  E11CE705-EC45-4108-98E2-36CC003DC99E.jpg
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    Before that dries I take the brush with just water and kind of dry brush the deck. In the picture I’ve just done the poop.

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    Now the deck is finished.

    Name:  CBA41AE7-BE1D-4E28-B27C-4737735194C4.jpg
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    Note: As I was painting three hulls at the same time while taking the pictures and it might be different hulls in the pictures above.

    Here they are whith two earlier ones with painted capstans and flag post base.

    White and black painted, including gun barrels.
    Metallic blue painted on lanterns and the gallery windows.

    Gold painted on the ship's bell, stern and the lanterns.

    That concludes the painting of the decks and now it's time to paint the hulls in any desired fashion.
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