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    The scenarios I have played from this site have been highly enjoyable as well as invaluable in learning the game. I have perused the various solo campaigns and will one day take the plunge and provide the resultant AAR's. My SOG fleet is still small, nine ships in all: four British, three French and two American, the largest ship being the HMS Malta so my current play is limited to small actions. That being said, I like some connectivity as well as some randomness in relationship between these actions. I have studied Dobbs' Voyaging thread and have now played through a very enjoyable two-week voyage. Now I would like to try a somewhat longer voyage, definitely not as long as the voyage of the Essex but perhaps one of a month or two. I intend on using the Voyaging rules and I devised the random event table below to use once a week during the voyage. I used a 2d6 system instead of cards so the really unusual events have a much reduced chance of occurring as compared to other events (including no event). I didn't insert any weather events (other than a rogue wave) or enemy ship events (again, other than the one mentioned with the rogue wave) because I feel those two things are handled very well in the Voyaging rules. I welcome and appreciate any input regarding the random events and if someone has already devised a random event type table, please point me in that direction.


    A random event should be rolled on the fifth day of a voyage and every seven days thereafter (i.e. Day 12, 19, etc.). Roll 2d6 and use the sum.

    2 Dispatches. A messenger ship signals you to heave to so dispatches can be delivered. Upon review, you learn you have been ordered to sail to the nearest naval base controlled by your navy. Once there, you are given an extra compliment of marines (one crew box) to join you for the remainder of your voyage due to reported increased enemy activity within your proposed route.
    3 No Event
    4 An allied ship with a rating one worse than yours joins you for the next two days of your voyage.
    5 An allied ship one rating better but slower than yours joins you for the next two days of your voyage.
    6 Survivors. You find a longboat with survivors adrift from a recent storm. Add one crew box to your ship until your next port.
    7 No Event
    8 Bad Water. Part of your water supply is compromised. You must replenish the water by visiting a friendly or neutral port or watering hole within three days or lose one crew box every day thereafter.
    9 Fever. Sickness spreads through the crew. Lose one crew box for the next ten days until they recover.
    10 Food Spoilage. Your food stores go bad. Lose one crew box after two days and an additional crew box every two days until you can replenish your food. The food can be replenished by going to a friendly or neutral port or by capturing (not sinking) an enemy ship or warehouse.
    11 No Event
    12 Rogue Wave. You are hit by a rogue wave and lose a mast. To make matters worse, an enemy ship with the same rating as yours has the weather gauge and is closing for battle. The mast can be repaired as a crew action.


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    Looks like an interesting addition Anthony. As far as the AARs in the campaign are concerned you can taylor them to whatever ships you can sport. Just keep the ratio of ships on each side constant as regard numbers and Rate.

    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.


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