January Mission.

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With the projected attempt by your Squadron to effect a spoiling attack on the enemy coast, your Senior Captain has dispatched a Sloop to take soundings to ascertain the position of shoals and shallows along said coast. As protection for you a Frigate is covering the seaward side of the coast, outside the sandbars.
The enemy is aware of your intentions and has decided to intercept your ships and thwart your survey.
You may deploy as many enemy ships as you feel your two vessels can take on, and still win the day.
The enemy will approach from seaward, and must prevent you from passing the Sloop from end to end of the coast, and thus completing its mission.
No ship other than sloops may pass within the shoals.
Your survey Sloop must use backing sail speed to take soundings.
The wind is blowing directly off the coast, will not change direction, but may be variable. This change will take effect three cards after being drawn for.
The coast itself should be just within extreme range from any vessel hugging the outer edge of the shoals.

Use any of the Official rules you wish, and or parts of them.
Good luck with your survey.