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Thread: What's on Your Workbench for January?

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    Default What's on Your Workbench for January?

    I am working on a rock and a lighthouse.

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    I don't have much experience with washes or dry brushing.

    Any input is welcome. My plan is to add dark and light grey shading to the rock for a granite look. I want to add a rusty stain at the base of the lighthouse fading into the cream color as it gets higher.

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    On weather worn rocks you also get striations of layers of other rock in strata form not always just lateral.add a bit of green here and there to signify plant growth, sometimes almost black, as the green is so dark. Could also be iron staining from corroded mooring rings and chains long since removed by the storms, bird lime from the local seabirds etc. Much more colour than you may imagine.
    Also don't be too precious with shading as on that scale it blends into the background and just messes with the eye like camo. A general rule is the smaller the object the more bold you need to be with colour changes and definition.
    With your naval knowledge the best tip is go outside and have a look at the beech, jetties and weathered buildings. You will see a multitude of colours and lighting effects.

    You may also get residual pools of water trapped on some of those ledges.
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