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Ships of the Great Lakes: 300 Years of Navigation
James P. Barry
Barry's work covers the history of waterborne travel, commerce, and warfare on the Great Lakes throughout the period of European exploration and settlement to the early 1970s by focusing on the stories of individual vessels, like La Salle's Griffon (the first European sailing ship constructed above Niagara Falls in 1679), to illustrate a broader historical and technological narrative.

The most relevant chapter for SoG players will likely be the first one, covering from fur trade canoes, bateaux, and the first sailing ships on the Great Lakes in the late 17th century through the Seven Years War and the War of 1812. Sailing ships continue to play a role through the early 20th century, though of course gradually being overtaken by steam-powered vessels.

Overall, it's an interesting read and well worth taking a look at (you will definitely learn things), but my advice on whether or not to get your own copy really depends on your interest in the the Great Lakes. Having a deep interest in my home region, I feel that acquiring my own copy of Barry's work was well worth my money, but if you only have, say, a passing interest in the War of 1812, you may want to check out a copy from your local library or through interlibrary loan (and maybe make some photocopies) rather than shelling out for your own.