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Thread: Calypso rules the waves

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    Default Calypso rules the waves

    Last week, on the Thursday, it being club night and our turn to provide a game Calypso and I took Sails as our preferred choice.
    I had a notion to sail an up-gunned Frigate across the sea betwixt the dastardly French and perfidious English fleets.
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    The two Ians had a French frigate each, I had the two British Frigates and Calypso (Ruth) had the Pirate Frigate, Up-gunned to the tune of Plus 2 for all shooting on the given stats for her ship.
    As a penalty, she was only allowed slow and middle speed where we had the choice of all three speeds.
    WE played movement two cards, then the wind changed by one point and we chose what sail we wished to carry, and the next two cards. this continued throughout the game, the wind gauge always moving anti clockwise.
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    After perhaps half a dozen turns, I had run one vessel aground, the Ians were finally back up to speed with how to steer and cope with the circulating winds and Calypso was more than half way across the board.
    The basis of the scenario was that the two national fleets needed to capture the Privateer, and the Privateer needed to escape off the opposite side from which she had started. Given that she started off directly into the wind, she was out playing us all quite easily.
    I had forgotten how much she plays this.
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    a few more moves and I am finally catching up, while one of the Ians (D) is approaching my beached ship with evil intent
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    there has been some shooting which, due to my excitement, I neglected to capture, but I traded shots with Calypso, and Ian D fired upon my beached ship, the crew of which were sunning themselves ashore and generally living the life of Crusoe.
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    This time I remembered to take pictures. Calypso is about to win, and is again trading shots with me. I am also trading shots on my other side with Ian W.
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    At the same time Ian D is also firing at me as can be seen from this picture taken from a different vantage point
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    as can be seen, my ship is not very well
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    Ian D is also suffering badly
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    Ian W is in a much better condition, and Ruth is off and away, so winning the game.
    However, the night being yet young,
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    and she being Calypso, she decides the islanders have overcome the stranded sailors, commandeered the beached vessel, re-floated it and have decided to go hunting.
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    more broadsides are fired, and more damage given and received
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    and again,
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    and he's gone
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    Ian W is now a spectator.
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    two cards later
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    Calypso has victim number two
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    Ian D joins t'other Ian on the sea bed
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    Ruth and I are now head to head as she reloads and
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    we turn broadsides on to each other
    Gentle reader,it can come as no surprise to you to know
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    I got utterly thrashed
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    while Ruth sailed off into the sunset with her Prize ship, now a commodore with a fleet of two
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    Thanks for the stirring AAR and congratulations to Ruth for showing her true colours in such a heroic, or should that be heroineic fashion.
    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.

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    Great AAR , well done and nicely sailed Ruth, that will show em

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    Thank you for the good A.A.R. of a scenario with some unusual features. Congratulations to Ruth upon her victory!

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    Nice game report and a great outcome for Calypso. It reminded me of Swallows and Amazons, the line about why Nancy was called Nancy and not Ruth her real name. She couldn't be a pirate because they were Ruthless. thanks for the post.

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    Nice AAR - I couldn't help but notice the islands. I too have put those old PotSM to work!


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