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    Hi all. I haven't been around in a while but saw this and thought it might be of interest if not already mentioned.

    Looks like Warlord Games, the Bolt Action folks, are coming out with their own sailing ship game for the "Cannonade Era" of sailing ships. It appears that it will focus on the smaller ships as they uses brigs in their demonstration. I know some folks here on the site were disappointed when Sails of Glory did not really fit that niche. It should work well for those wanting to play actions on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812 as well as other Napoleonic small ship battles. They may even try to fit it into pirate theme games as they were using it in their demo. Here's a link:

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    Will Ares respond to this competition, I wonder? If Black Seas plays like Cruel Seas, then Sails of Glory's advantages are the speed of play and the models come pre-painted.

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    Not quite as elegant a system as Sails by the look of it. Sailing is certainly not only over simplified but inaccurate in its effect on ships speeds. However, I can see its appeal especially to those who already play the system.
    Let us hope indeed that Ares see the danger, pick up the ball and run with it.
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    The photo from Salute also shows larger ships. Although they may focus on the frigate or 5th rate as the largest ship. Similar to Cruel Seas (which I have been trying to avoid buying!) focusing on the MTB battles. If they also take the pirate direction then they may not be competing directly with Sails. Having said that it could motivate Ares to release a "pirate" set.

    Looks like a more direct competitor would be Firelock Games' Oak & Iron which is specifically focused on squadron actions in the buccaneer era. Since I bought into that Kickstarter I am ill placed to take advantage of a Warlord sailing game anyway.


    Looks like it will not focus on pirates and cover all ships sizes even linking with the Black Powder land warfare rules. Ship scale likely 1/700. FAQ:

    Also the main author Gabrio Tolentino also co-authored the GW game Trafalgar as well as Cruel Seas. I have that rule set and as I recall it did simplify the sailing and was heavily points based, not unlike every other GW product ofc!! Trafalgar was not oriented to smaller ships as I recall.
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