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Thread: On this day.

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    22 November

    1799 - HMS Courier (12), under the command of Lt. Thomas Searle, captured the French privateer cutter Guerriere (14), Felix Lallermand commanding, off Lowestoft.

    1811 - HMS Volontaire (38), Captain. the Hon. G. G. Waldegrave, and HMS Perlen (38), Captain. J. S. Tetley, engaged a French squadron of 3 ships of the line, including Trident (74), and the frigate Amelie, off Cape Sicie.

    1718 - During a ferocious battle, the pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, and several of his crew were killed by a small force of sailors led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

    1812 - HMS Southampton (32) engaged and captured USS Vixen off the Bahamas.

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    23 November

    On 23 November 1780, against his pilot's better judgment, Hussar's captain, Charles Pole, decided to sail from the East River through the treacherous waters of Hell Gate between Manhattan Island and Long Island. Just before reaching Long Island Sound, Hussar was swept onto Pot Rock and began sinking.

    British forces employed in the defence of Cadiz against the besieging French under Marshal Soult, attack French gunboats at Puerta de Santa Maria. HMS Aetna, Devastation and Thunder, with a division of Spanish, and two divisions of British gun-boats, bombarded Fort Catalina at the southern end of the Bay of Bulls, while mortar and howitzer boats threw about 100 shells into French gunboats in the Guadalete river by El Puerto de Santa María.

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    24 November

    HMS Venerable was a 74-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 19 April 1784 at Blackwall Yard. In 1797, Venerable served as Admiral Duncan's flagship at the Battle of Camperdown. She was wrecked on 24 November 1804, off Roundham Head near Torbay.

    HMS Belette (or Bellette) was an 18-gun Cruizer-class brig-sloop, built by King at Dover and launched on 21 March 1806. During the Napoleonic Wars she served with some success in the Baltic and the Caribbean. On 24 November 1812 Belette, under Sloane, was in the Kattegat leading Russian ships through the south-west passage of Anholt towards Gothenburg when she went aground on a sunken rock called "John" (or "Fannot") off Læsø.

    HMS Fantome was an 18-gun brig-sloop of the Royal Navy. Fantome ran aground in Shad Bay near the village of Prospect, Nova Scotia, on 24 November 1814.

    1807 - HMS Anne (10) engaged ten Spanish gunboats off Tarifa. She captured three. The remainder escaped.

    1812 - Boats from HMS Narcissus (32) captured the American privateer Joseph and Mary 20 miles south east of Cape Tiburon, Haiti.

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    25 November

    On 25 November 1826 the Greek frigate Hellas arrives in Nafplion to become the first flagship of the Hellenic Navy.

    1793 - HMS Penelope (32), Captain Bartholomew Samuel Rowley, in company with the Iphigenia (32) , Captain Patrick Sinclair, cruising in the Bight of Leogane, off the island of St. Domingo, engaged and captured the French 36-gun frigate Inconstante.

    On the 25th of November, 1775, the Continental Congress authorizes privateering.

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    26 November

    1799 - HMS Amphion captured the Spanish letter of marque Asturiana 120 miles WNW of Cape Catoche, Mexico

    1806 - Rear Admiral Sir Edward Pellew;s squadron engages and captured the Batavian Maria Wilhelmina off Banten

    1813 - Boats from HMS Swiftsure captured the French privateer Charlemagne 10 miles WNW of Cape Rouse, Corsica

    The Great Storm of 1703 was one of the most severe storms or natural disaster ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain.

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    27 November

    The Raid on Batavia of 27 November 1806 was an attempt by a large British naval force to destroy the Dutch squadron based on Java in the Dutch East Indies that posed a threat to British shipping in the Straits of Malacca.

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    28 November

    The Action of 28 November 1751 was a naval engagement of the Spanish-Algerian conflict, fought off Cape St Vincent between a squadron of two Spanish ships of the line under Captain Pedro Fitz-James Stuart and an Algerian squadron of equal strength.

    The Royal Marines were formed as part of the Naval Service in 1755. However, it can trace its origins back as far as 28 October 1664 when at the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company "the Duke of York and Albanys maritime regiment of foot" was first formed.

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    29 November

    The Action of 29 November 1811 was a minor naval engagement fought between two frigate squadrons in the Adriatic Sea during the Adriatic campaign of the Napoleonic Wars.

    1779 - HMS Prospertine captured the French Sphinx 12 miles SE of Monserrat

    1811 - HMShips Alceste, Active, Acorn and Unite captured the French frigates Pomone and Persanne 15 miles NE of Pelagos island, Dalmatia. A third French frigate, Pauline, escaped.

    On 29 Nov USS Lee captures the 250 ton Nancy
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    30 November

    On 30 November 1806 the 18-gun brig-sloop HMS Wolverine, under the command of Commander Francis Augustus Collier, fired on a British merchant vessel engaged in lawful trade.

    1803 - HMShips Bellerophon and Hercule engaged the French during their evacuation of San Domingo. The French vessels Cerf, Clorinde, Semillante and Vertu were captured.

    1808 - Cochrane's defence of Fort Trinidad during the French siege of Rosas, defending against general Pino's 5th Division of Reille's army.

    1811 - HMS Rover captured the French privateer Compte reginaud (the former British Vincejo) in the South West Approaches 9approx. 250 miles SW of the Scillies)

    1816 (tech) - the first trials of syphon-fitted water tanks for the storage of water in ships, replacing casks (which were henceforth reserved for emergency water supplies and spirits)

    The naval Battle of Dungeness took place on 30 November 1652 (10 December Gregorian calendar), during the First Anglo-Dutch War near the cape of Dungeness in Kent.

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    1 December

    On 1 December 1793, Antelope, a West Indian packet ship of 204 tons burthen, was sailing off Cumberland Harbour, Cuba when she sighted two privateers. Obeying orders, Antelope headed back to port to avoid trouble, but the next day the wind failed, and one of the privateers, Atlante, with eight 3-pounder guns, was able to come alongside, and battle was joined.

    1811 - Boats from HMShips Colossus (74), Conquestador (74) along with the the schooner Arrow (14) attacked a French convoy off the Ile d'Aix near La Rochelle. One chasse maree was captured, three more burnt and another three driven ashore.

    On this day 1 December - hanging of mutineers

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    2 December

    On the morning of 2 December 1799 the 18-gun brig-sloop HMS Racoon, under the command of Commander Robert Lloyd, was WSW of Portee when she encountered a French lugger,

    OTD 2 December: When Everything Started Going Wrong...
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    3 December

    1796 - HMS Lapwing (28) engaged the French decius and Valliante at Anguilla. The former was captured, the latter destroyed.

    1798 - HMS Victorieuse (12), under the command of Lt Edward Stirlingdickson, and HMS Zephyr (Fireship, 10), took the surrender of Spanish forts and captured 2 brigs at Trinidad

    1799 - HMS Racoon was in action again. From Wikipedia: The next day, Racoon captured another privateer, in this case after a fight. At 10 p.m. Racoon was about five or six miles south of Dover when she sighted a lugger boarding a brig. Racoon set off in ursuit and after 40 minutes of a running fight came alongside and exchanged further fire with the quarry. The French vessel sustained so much damage that he had to strike.

    On 3 December 1807, off Barbados, Curieux, now armed with eight 6-pounders and ten 18-pounder carronades, engaged the 25-gun privateer Revanche, commanded by Captain Vidal.

    1810 - Capture of Ile de France (Mauritius). Troops had been landed on the island on 29th November and advanced rapidly. The French made a stand at Port Napoleon which was assaulted and captured on December 2nd. French forces surrendered the following day and were granted repatriation and the right to retain their arms and Eagles.

    1775 - Lt. John Paul Jones raises the Grand Union flag on the Continental Navy ship Alfred. It is the first American flag raised over an American Naval vessel.

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    4 December

    1775 - HMS Fowey captured the American Washington 50 miles SE of Cape Ann, Massachusetts

    1799 - HMS Atalante captured the French privateer Succes off Dungeness

    1799 - the ever-busy HMS Racoon captured the French privateer lugger Vrai Decide in the Channel.

    1811 - Boats from HMS Sultan cut out the French brigs Languedoc and Castor from Bastia, Corsica

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    5 December

    The Raid on Griessie was a British attack on the Dutch port of Griessie (later renamed Gresik) on Java in the Dutch East Indies on 5 December 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars.

    1797 - HMS Diana (38) captured the French privateer Mouche 500 miles West of Lands end

    1808 - HMS Magnet (18) captured the Danish privateer Paulina off Bornholm.

    1843 - Launching of USS Michigan at Erie, Pennsylvania. Michigan was the first iron-hulled warship to be built for the US Navy.

    1859 - J R Jellicoe was born

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    6 December

    The Action of 6 December 1782 was a single-ship action fought between HMS Ruby and the French ship Solitaire off the coast of Martinique.

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    7 December

    1809 - HMS Rinaldo (10)captured the French privateer Maraudeur in the Dover Straits

    Attack on Pearl Habor

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    8 December

    1778 - Horatio Nelson was promoted to Master and Commander

    1780 - Boats from the squadron under the command of Vice Admiral Sir Edward Hughes (flying his flag in Superb) , along with Drake and Eagle of the Bombay Marine, destroyed a number of armed vessels in Mangalore Roads

    1798 - HMS Cambrian (40) captured the French privateer Cantabre 50 miles North of Cape Penas

    1803 - HMS Medusa (32) captured the French privateer Esperance and destroyed the privateer Sorcier off Cabrita Point, Gibraltar Bay.

    1811 - HMS Rhin (38) captured the French privateer La Courageux off St Malo. Rhin was a former French frigate, one of the French fleet at Trafalgar and was captured in 1806 by HMS Mars

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    9 December

    1798 - HMS Boadicia captured the French privateer Invincible Bonaparte 500 miles west of Ushant (if ever a name tempted fate the privateer's was it :) )

    1809 - HMS Redpole captured the French privateer Rodeur off Beachy Head

    On this day 9 December - non-AoS military events

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    10 December

    The Action of 10 December 1800 was a minor engagement of the Napoleonic Wars between a hired brig of the Royal Navy commanded by Lieutenant Charles Nevin and a Spanish gunboat under Don Miguel Villalba.

    The Netherland Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers) was founded on 10 December 1665 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War by the unofficial leader of the Dutch Republic, Johan de Witt, and Admiral Michiel de Ruyter as the Regiment de Marine.

    1809 - HMS Royalist captured the French privateer Beau Marseille 4 miles SSE of Dungeness

    1810 - HMS Rosario (10) captured the French privateer Mameluk (16) South of Dungeness (a popular hang out for those pesky privateers, it seems

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    11 December

    On 11 December 1799, as she returned to Île de France, Preneuse encountered the 74-gun HMS Tremendous, under Captain John Osborn.

    The Battle of La Guaira was a naval engagement fought in the West Indies on December 11 of 1812 during the war between Britain and the United States. An American privateer captured a British letter of marque at the Spanish port of La Guaira in Venezuela.

    1798 - HMS Pedrix captured the French privateer Armee d'Italie 21 miles East if Virgin Gorda

    1799 - HMS Tremendous and HMS Adamant destroyed the French Preneuse in the mouth of the River Tombeau, Mauritius. Preneuse was driven ashore, after which boarders were sent on board by boat. Preneuse was set on fire and blew up shortly afterwards.

    1807 - HMS Grasshopper captured the Spanish San Jose under Cape Negrete

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    12 December

    The Action of 12 December 1782 was a naval engagement fought off the coast of Spain near Ferrol, in which the British 40-gun fifth rate HMS Mediator successfully attacked a convoy of five armed ships.

    The Second Battle of Ushant was a naval battle fought between French and British squadrons near Ushant on 12 December 1781, during the American War of Independence.

    On 12 December 1798 the corvette HMS Perdrix, under Lieutenant Charles Peterson, took the privateer L'Armée d' Italie.

    1779 - HMS Salisbury captured the Spanish privateer San Carlos 20 miles NW of Punta de la Sal in the Gulf of Honduras.

    1809 - HM Ships Thetis, Achates, Attentive, Bacchus and Pultusk captured the French Nissus and destroyed shore batteries at Deshayes, Guadeloupe

    1810 - HMS Entreprenante (10) engaged four French privateers between Malaga and Almeria

    1811 - The French lugger, Le Brave (16) was captured by HMS Desiree (36), Captain. Arthur Farquhar.

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    13 December

    The Action of 13 December 1814 was a naval action during the War of 1812. A flotilla of British longboats were on their way to fight the Battle of Lake Borgne. Before reaching the lake, they would encounter an American schooner of the United States Navy.

    On 13 December 1809, the 40-gun frigate HMS Junon under Captain John Shortland, in company with the 16-gun brig HMS Observateur under Captain Frederick Wetherall, stopped an American merchant ship and boarded her in search of contraband. As he was engaged in the search, four sails appeared to the north. Shortland immediately gave chase, and by 16:00 realised his quarry was a squadron of four frigates.

    The Battle of the River Plate

    1775 - The Continental Congress authorizes the building of 13 frigates.

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    14 December

    The Battle of Lake Borgne was a naval battle between the Royal Navy and the United States Navy in the American South theatre of the War of 1812. It occurred on December 14, 1814 on Lake Borgne and was part of the British advance on New Orleans.

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    15 December

    1778 - Battle of St Lucia. A squadron of seven ships of the line under Admiral Barrington was engaged by a French squadron of twelve ships of the line under Admiral d'Estaing.

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    16 December

    1653 - First issue of the Articles of War, read on board HMS Swiftsure (from which came the phrase "naval justice is swift and sure")

    1796 - HMS Cleopatra captured the French privateer Hirondelle 500 miles W of Ushant

    1805 - HMS Kingfisher (18), Nathaniel Day Cochrane, captured the French privateer schooner Elisabeth (14) in the West Indies

    1808 - HM Ships Naiad and Narcissus captured the French privateer Fanny off Noirmoutier

    1812 - Captain John Hayes saves his ship in a violent gale off Ile de re in the Bay of Biscay.

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    17 December

    1809 - HMS Sceptre (74), Cptn. Samuel James Ballard, and consorts captured Loire (20) and Seine (20) at Anse la Barque, Guadaloupe.

    1810 - HMS Rinaldo (10), James Anderson, engaged four French privateers near the Owers. One, Vieux Josephine (16) was sunk and a second which had struck escaped after Rinaldo ran foul of the Owers light vessel.

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    18 December


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    19 December


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    20 December


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    21 December

    On this day 21 December - Landing parties destroy a tower

    Dec. 21, 1821: USS Enterprise engaged Pirates off West Indies

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    22 December

    On 22 December 1797 the 36-gun HMS Phoebe, Captain Robert Barlow, captured the French 36-gun Néréide, Captain Antoine Canon.

    1775 - Congress commissions the first Naval officers: Esek Hopkins, commander in chief of the fleet, Capts. Dudley Saltonstall, Abraham Whipple, Nicolas Biddle and John Hopkins. Lieutenants appointed included John Paul Jones.

    1841 - USS Mississippi, the first U.S. ocean-going side-wheel steam warship, is commissioned in Philadelphia.

    Whilst sailing from Gothenburg to Britain, under the command of John Barrett, the [HMS] Minotaur struck the Haak Bank on the Texel off the Netherlands in the evening of 22 December 1810, after becoming separated from her consorts, HMS Plantagenet and HMS Loire.

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    23 December

    USS Enterprise, a schooner with Lt. Stephen Decatur in command, captured the Tripolitan ketch Mastico on 23 December 1803.

    On 23 December Fama ran aground on the NE point of the island of Bornholm, in the Baltic.

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    24 December

    On December 24 1815 USS Constitution, under the command of Captain Charles Stewart, intercepted the merchantman Lord Nelson and placed a prize crew aboard.

    1814 - The Treaty of Ghent ends the War of 1812.

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    25 December

    USS Vixen was captured at sea by the Royal Navy 36-gun frigate HMS Belvidera, Captain Richard Byron, on 25 December 1813 while sailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Newcastle, Delaware.

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    26 December

    On 26 December 1799, at 10:15 a.m. HMS Viper encountered French privateer Furet.

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    27 December

    On this day 27 December - the Court Martial of Admiral Byng

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    28 December


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    29 December

    On 29 December 1812 the the 44-gun frigate USS Constitution engaged the 38-gun frigate HMS Java.

    On 29 December 1806 the 14-gun sloop-of-war HMS Spitfire, under the command of Lieutenant Parry, captured the French privateer lugger Deux Frères.

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    30 December

    On this day 30 December - final ships arrived in Bantry Bay, Expédition d'Irlande

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    31 December

    On this day 31 December - de Villeneuve was born

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    The daily event or "On This Day" threads are now all organized by date on this thread. The thread is a "sticky" that can be accessed on the Forum page under Historical Discussions. You can now check each day for daily events, or a week at a time, or read through the whole thread.

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    Default On this Day 24th June

    On 24th June 1340 the Battle of Sluys (a.k.a. The Battle of l'Ecluse) was fought between the English fleet commanded by King Edward III and the French fleet commanded by King Philip VI. It was like a land battle fought on water. The English longbowmen triumphed.

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    Yeah! The original King of Battles.

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    A subject for which I published a mildly successful set of rules last year

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    Default On This Day 24th May

    On 24th May 1941 H.M.S. Hood, H.M.S. Prince of Wales, and heavy cruisers H.M.S. Norfolk and H.M.S. Suffolk engaged the German battleship Bismark and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

    Less than ten minutes after the British open fire H.M.S. Hood was hit by a shell from the Bismark, causing the Hood to blow up and sink with only three survivors.

    Prince of Wales continued the engagement but one of her turrets failed to operate. She managed to damage the Bismark but was damaged herself and withdrew.

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    Default On this day in 1580.

    1580 Sir Francis Drake returns to Plymouth, England, aboard the Golden Hind, after a 33-month voyage to circumnavigate the globe.

    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.

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    Default 21st October 1805

    When England sets her banner forth
    And bids her armour shine,
    She'll not forget the famous North,
    The lads of moor and Tyne;
    And when the loving-cup's in hand
    And Honour leads the cry,
    They know not old Northumberland
    Who'll pass her memory by.

    When Nelson sailed for Trafalgar
    With all his country's best,
    He held them dear as brothers are,
    But one beyond the rest.
    For when the fleet with heroes manned
    To clear the decks began,
    The boast of old Northumberland
    He sent to lead the van.

    Himself by Victory's bulwark stood
    And cheered to see the sight;
    'That noble fellow Collingwood,
    How bold he goes to fight!'
    Love, that the league of Ocean spanned,
    Heard him face to face;
    'What would he give, Northumberland,
    To share our pride of place?'

    The flag that goes the world around
    And flaps on every breeze
    Has never gladdened fairer ground
    Or kinder hearts than these.
    So when the loving-cup's in hand
    And Honour leads the cry,
    They know not old Northumberland
    Who'll pass her memory by.

    Sir Henry Newbolt

    I wont publish the account as it is well known to many but here is the wiki link for those who would read more;

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    Happy Trafalgar day Neil.

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    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.

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    Default On this day 15th January

    On 15th January 1815, Emma, Lady Hamilton died, aged 49, of amoebic dysentery—-an illness she probably contracted during her years in Naples.

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    Only just spotted this one Dave.
    I will move it to the on this day sticky for you.
    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.


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