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Thread: Workshop: How to create land masses?

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    Lightbulb Workshop: How to create land masses?

    Hello Gentlemen!

    Today, I will start posting things about my new project "How to create land masses for Sail of Glory & Co."!
    The first thing I have to say is, this is the first time ever I try to create things like these, so I am a bloody amateur and I am no modeller. So please apologize right in advance if some things may seem very amateurish here.

    All that I used for ideas of creating these land masses are mainly from Youtube and of course some from Sir Rob. Thanks!

    Ok, so lets start now...

    For the basics (step 1) I used the following Items:
    Blue Styrodur 700x700x40mm
    A large Cutter knife (needed only 1 blade)
    Electric angle grinder (Diameter 125mm)
    Pferd Polifan Curve Z40 Grinding wheel
    Safety glasses
    Dusk mask
    Industry vacuum cleaner
    Alpina Color Spray Acryl RAL 6002
    Alpina Color Spray Acryl RAL 6011
    Alpina Color Spray Acryl RAL 7035

    Step 1:
    1. First I have choosen a plate of Styrodur (700x700x40mm)
    2. I painted the outlines and the high profile for the first land mass (490x490 L shape)
    3. I cutted with some space the landmass from booth sides and break it off the plate
    4. Weared the glasses, mask and used the grinder for round #1 - roughly grinding (dont press very strong!)
    5. After I finished this step I grinded the landmass sides for the cliffs (grind very carefully vertical and obliquely)
    6. Dont crack all the smelted blue Styrodur because the structure is nice and we are not yet finished
    7. Now I created some base streets and ways for further building & Co.
    8. Thawing the whole bottom (P40 sandpaper) and the plain fields on the upside (P500)
    9. Now remove small lint from the whole land mass, make it ready for primering
    10. Shake the colour-tins well
    11. I tried the Acryl spray on a small test piece of Styrodur to check if the tolerability of the color is given
    12. I sprayed the green color first with different distances from the upside
    13. Then I sprayed the brown color from the side with a wider distance
    14. As primer finish I used some white color finish (dont forget, its only for basecoat)

    Note: I did the same steps for the 2 islands too!

    Now the basic landmasses are ready for the next step ...

    See ya soon folks, stay tuned!

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    Interesting way to do the land. It remmembers me how I do it. Well done!

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    Pretty much the way that I do mine Marco. The only thing that I do really different is seal the surface with PVA glue before painting. This hardens off the surface and prevents the paint from dissipating by soaking into the Styrofoam,
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