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Thread: Sails of Glory at Historicon 2018 in Lancaster, PA ?

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    Default Sails of Glory at Historicon 2018 in Lancaster, PA ?

    Historicon will be held at the Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, PA July 12-15, 2018. Is anyone planning on running any Sails of Glory games ?? I will commit to playing in them, but I do not yet feel sufficiently experienced to sponsor a game....I sure do hope someone steps up.... ALSO...on the Wings site there is a medal for Historicon participation, but I don't see a comparable one for Sails....

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    BTW -- the deadline for the submission of games for Historicon is April 11 -- really hope someone on this site runs a game down there -- as you may know Historicon is called the "Mother of All War Game Conventions" !

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    Is anyone running a Sails game at Historicon July 12-15, 2018 in Lancaster, PA -- I know there is a "Limeys and Slimeys" pirate game planned and at least one WW2 naval game, but I am ever hopeful for Sails...


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