The sacrificial Lamb.

This scenario may be played as either a solo mission for your Privateer/ Pirate, or as a prelude to your Squadron missions of next month
An enemy Frigate has been preying upon you coastal trade with such success that your Squadron commander has detached two Frigates to deal with the situation.
Being a wily old fox the predator makes off to sea whenever one of your Frigates shows its sails above the horizon. Having had a marked lack of success your Frigates return to port empty handed.

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A plot is now hatched. Using two sloops and an armed Merchantman. A trap will be set for the Frigate. Small enough of drought to slip into the em-bayed shoals the Sloops will conceal themselves, whilst an armed Merchantman crammed with Marines will disport itself, making stately progress along the coast.

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Ignore the first two casualties among the crew on the ship mat to account for the extra Marines on the mission. You may also employ Carronades if you so wish.

When the Frigate gives chase the merchantman will lead the Frigate into the waiting arms of the Sloops, before turning upon its persecutor and discharging the Marines in a violent boarding action.
If and when the Frigate spots two Sloops it will attempt to run out to sea, otherwise it will engage one Sloop and the Merchantman quite happily.
Your mission is to sink or capture the enemy. Nothing less will do. Expect short shrift from your Commodore if you again return empty handed.
If yo do not have two Sloops in your collection us the smallest Frigates you have with Sloop stats.
The wind is blowing on shore for the entire action so positioning of your Sloops will be critical

Table layout.

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