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Thread: Concorde Model - Too Low in Water?

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    Default Concorde Model - Too Low in Water?

    I've always thought this model looked a bit odd to me, couldn't ever really figure out exactly why. I'm aware of the scale issue that Diamondback has brought to light, but it seemed to me more than this.

    I was looking at pictures of the rebuilt Hermione today, knowing it was built along the lines of the Concorde class of ships. Looking at the model versus the pictures, the SoG model seems to sit incredibly low in the water. It has no rudder visible on the stern which would make it one heavily loaded ship! Curious if anyone else has thoughts about this model - to me it's by far one of the least attractive models in the game. Unfortunately I think have three or maybe four of the darn things!

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    I have a photo of the Hermione which I took when it was in Yorktown Ryan.
    I will get out my Concorde and compare it with her, although she did not carry her full complement of guns, and obviously shot, I'm sure that she would be in ballast to compensate for this on the Atlantic crossing.
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