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Thread: AAR - June mission 'Intercept'.

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    Default AAR - June mission 'Intercept'.

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    AArrhghhhh my ‘arties. ‘ave you missed Ol’ Tom? ‘ave bin north to see a poor uncle but now am back and it’s a gud job too looking at your sorry mugs.

    Well now that am well set and flush, for a while, I’ll tell y’all anuthah seafairing tale of Slippery Jim and the Big E.

    So there we wuz. Sittin in the Governors office, sitttin, yes we wuz. Strange it may be but we wuz. So the governor sez to Jim.
    “ The ship you encountered a while back, a big Spanish 74, Arganauta she is called.” Jim just nodded ‘is head like. “It sails tomorrow. On board is a person that we wish you to rescue. A VIP....” What’s that you say VIP? Well that’s what I asked too but Jim just waved a hand for me to shut up sharpish.

    The Governor carried on...” Now, before I was rudely interrupted, You must rescue this person alive and bring him back here. You will be well rewarded”. Jim sez nowt but shakes the g’ovnors hand like and we both left.

    Jim sed nowt until we got back to the Buxom Wench Inn on the quayside. ‘Tom’, he sez, ‘Tom gather the crew and get ready to sail I’ll be with you afore nightfall.’

    So off’n aa went. By nightfall, well a goodly bell afore like, Jim appears and right on time too to catch the tide. So off we went.

    Next ‘morn we aspied the big Spanish 74.

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    'Closer Tom, Closer', I had the wheel and wuz steering the ship.

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    We’ed tackled her afore and only just come off well. But Jim knew ‘is stuff. We sailed an intercept course and we exchanged a broadside at long range.

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    The Spaniard caught fire like and a few of our lads were down.

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    We made as if to turn away then closed, caught the Spaniard hopping. Jim managed to cut across the bows and raked the 74 from bow to stern.

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    Well by that time the fight had gone out of the Spaniards.

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    Jim brought 2 people aboard a man and a young woman.

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    We took what we could from the Spaniard then sailed off back to the G’vnor. We wuz invited to a ball, what a grand occasion that was too.

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    Butchers Bill

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    Nicely done. Love the picture of Burt Lancaster in spandex hehe.

    I'm glad your back and enjoying some games!

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    The movie photos are awesome! Thanks for the AAR.
    "It's not the towering sails, but the unseen wind that moves a ship."
    –English Proverb

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    Great seamanship Neil.
    However, the intro was worth the reading even more than the battle.
    What a great yarn spinner your Ol' Tom is. Worth a pint to hear his tales any day of the week.


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