Book Title:
For King and Company
Ellis K Meacham.
With my interest in all things HEIC. I came across a trilogy of books by this author regaling us with the adventures of one Percival Merewether as he makes his way up the ladder of success in the Bombay Marine of the East India Company. In book one he is a humble Lieutenant, but makes his way up the ladder by way of several intrepid actions played out in true Hornblower style. By the end of book three he is a Captain in the Service commanding the Frigate Pitt.
What I liked most about this book is the variety of different craft and situations that he is pitted against. Also the details of sailing in the Indian Ocean, South China seas, and Persian Gulf.
The fact that the action takes place against the background of the Political situation out there, the Commercial interests of the HEIC, and the agenda of the Royal Navy, all adds to the tension, and intrigue of the plot.
The other two books in this Trilogy are " On the Company's Service" and "The East Indiaman."