Book Title:
A Frigate of King George
Brian Vale
This book opens with a brief synopsis of the reasons for Earl St. Vincent procuring ships built in the shipyards of Bombay. The construction being of a style suitable for the use of Teak rather than Oak, and its advantages and disadvantages.
Although a rather late constructed ship for our period, he then takes up the story of the 42 gun Frigate HMS Doris.
The story covers her provisioning and being set up for Commissioning, following her story right through her life from the Napoleonic wars and later her voyage to the South Atlantic, and Pacific during the Insurrections against Spain and Portugal during the struggle for Independence. Many colourful characters are encountered on the voyage including the Notorious Vice Admiral of Chile,Lord Thomas Cochrane.

Under their Commander in Chief Nelson's old Flag Officer Sir Thomas Hardy, they form a Squadron patrolling South seas to protect British Interests during this unsettled period of history.
Although most of the action is outside the scope of the Napoleonic era, the events portrayed give a vivid picture of life and sometimes death aboard a British Frigate, and my also lead you into a dabble in a later period of our history where the larger American Frigates really come into their own.