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Thread: AAR: Treasure Islands - by spiessbuerger (Royal Prussian Navy)

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    Default AAR: Treasure Islands - by spiessbuerger (Royal Prussian Navy)

    Prussia (Player):
    Kapitänleutnant Philipp von Mansfeld (Deft Captain) commanding the frigate Amazone (HMS Sybille)

    Privateer (AI):
    Captain Bartholomew Roberts (no special ability) commanding a frigate (Proserpine)

    Location: Atlantic Ocean 30°07'42"N 15°51'55"W

    Prussian Order: Find the four treasures and escape from the hurricane

    Game settings:
    Standard rules (Veer, Time to React for player ships, Raking Shots) but only firing with ball
    Plus additional rules: Boarding, Forced Aim, Continuous Fire, Let the Men Drink!,
    Crew Damage Effects on Captains, Disengagement and Ship-Hits instead of Base-Hits

    Preamble: My name is Philipp von Mansfeld, Kapitänleutnant of his Prussian Majesty's Navy.
    Commanding the 40 guns frigate Amazone. I have the order to find a Spanish treasure,
    hidden on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. Today morning the wanted island came in sight…

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    Round 2: This might be a lucky day for all of us.
    The first landing troop come back with a treasure chest full of gold doubloons.

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    Round 5: The third landing troop find the next treasure.
    “Good on you!” At that rate, we are back home as rich men in a couple of days.

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    ...“Sails on the horizon - Starbord ahead!” Shouts the man in the crow’s nest.
    I run on deck and take a look through the telescope.
    "A full-rigged ship – no flags. Better we get prepared…"

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    But first: Teatime!
    “Ensign James! Bring me a cake and coffee, please!”
    While drinking the hot coffee I think about the mysterious ship on the horizon.
    “Hope they don’t come to steal my treasures.”

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    Round 7: What I didn’t know - they do!

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    “Sir. The ship is coming closer. Any order?”
    I put the last piece of cake into my mouth. Take a good gulp of coffee too and run up on bridge…

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    “Holy ****. These bastard is on collision track!”
    Now the mysterious ship raises his flags – pirates!
    “All men clear for boarding! Soldiers into the tops!”

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    Both ships crash together and pass slowly against each other.
    The boarding is a massacre.
    The privateer is not well equipped but we can’t capture the ship.

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    A big vibration. “Grounded! That’s not good.”
    And it get worse. A few seconds later we get hit by a narrow broadside.
    “What the hell is going on?”

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    We warp free but the privateer is sailing away.
    Many pirates are killed and the captain gave order to disengage.
    “Better only one small treasure on board than a wrecked ship on sea ground, right?”

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    Round 13: Just in the moment to give order for chasing the privateer I realize a huge dark cloud bank in the west getting closer.
    “Full sails! Steersman: Course east! ...Hope we are faster than the hurricane.”

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    "But captain, maybe there is one more treasure?"
    "Well, well. But hurry" I goad the landing troop... Who came back with one more chest of gold doubloons.
    "And now let’s go home!”

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    Round 15: That was tight. Rescue at last second.
    “Well done, men. Ensign James! What’s the dinner today? And one drink for everyone!”

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    The final status of the Prussian frigate Amazone, carrying three treasures:

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    The final status of the privateer, disengaged with one treasure:

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    Captain Philipp von Mansfeld (P) on the frigate Amazone: returned to port with three treasures, no injuries

    Captain Bartholomew Roberts (AI) on a frigate: disengaged with one treasure, no injuries

    + 1 Point (3 treasures)
    victory (+1) for the Royal Prussian Navy

    ...If I had a little bit more time I had surrendered the nasty privateer
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    Thanks Matthias! That was a very enjoyable AAR and I really enjoyed the coffee and cake. Of course now I'm hungry!?!

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    Hi Matthias,

    Nice AAR, enjoyed reading it till the very end. What a close finish.

    Also, very nice first picture and I do like your turn counter.

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    Vey nice, thanks for the great report! Hmmm... where is my cake?

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    Great AAR, comrade!

    We need to be fast if we have only 15 turns.

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    Very entertaining as usual Matt.
    The dialogue was very amusing.
    I also like your turn marker.


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