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Thread: Advertise on Sails of Glory Anchorage

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    Default Advertise on Sails of Glory Anchorage

    Sails of Glory Anchorage is a thriving and ever growing site dedicated to the game of Sails of Glory. We average over 8000 Absolute Unique Visitors a month, with a growth rate of nearly 3 new members a day. If you have products that you would like to market directly to an active group of players, there is no better place to do this on the net then Sails of Glory Anchorage!

    We offer several types of advertising options to meet your needs.

    Market Place Forums
    Runs from 1 January to 31 December each year (prorated if you sign up during the year) . Moderation rights in your forum, logo next to forum, your posts are not moderated (posts appear instantly), must agree to not post product advertisements/promotions/leads or plugs outside of your forum (doing so will have those posts deleted and could lead to the lost of forum and all paid monies, and ban from site. You are allowed to post "check out this" type of replies that link to your forum section. Display images of your products and write full reviews of them. Sub-forums allow you to have your products placed in to categories, making it easy for your customers to find the information on your product they are searching for.

    Market Place Forum with upto 5 sub-forums: $250
    Additional sub-forums: $5

    If you are looking for a way to be in constant contact with potential customers, this is the advertising method for you!

    Rotating Banner Advertisement

    Rotating banners appear at the bottom of every Forum page on the site. They are shown just above the What's Going On and Thread Info blocks.

    The ads are randomly displayed from among all of the Rotating Banner Ads.

    There are several sizes and ad campaign durations to choose from.

    100x300 Rotating Banner
    1 year = $120
    6 months = $72
    3 months = $45

    100x600 Rotating Banner
    1 year = $180
    6 months = $102
    3 months = $60

    Side Bar Banner Ads

    The Side Bar Banner Ad is a high impact ad placed on the right hand side of the Home and Forum Index pages. These ads are displayed every time the page is loaded and gives you maximum exposure to potential customers.

    Banner placement is on a fist come, first serve basis and will be displayed from top to bottom on the page in that order.

    Home Page Side Bar

    165x300 Home Page Banner
    1 year = $210
    6 months = $117
    3 months = $67

    165x600 Home Page Banner
    1 year = $270
    6 months = $147
    3 months = $82

    Forum Index Side Bar

    165x300 Forum Index Page Banner
    1 year = $180
    6 months = $102
    3 months = $60

    165x600 Forum Index Page Banner
    1 year = $240
    6 months = $132
    3 months = $75

    If you are interested in advertising with us or have any questions, please contact Keith Upton
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    Very interesting. Thank you for post!


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