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Thread: Need Turkish fleet info

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    Default Need Turkish fleet info

    Looking for as much information as I can get on the Ottoman/Turkish navy between 1725 and 1875.
    Info on ship colors seem very scant.
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    Apologies for the very late reply to this query Ed, just been going through the site looking for missed postings.

    Turkish Navy
    30 SOL (74-50guns), 50 frigates (50-10 guns) and 100 galliots (small galleys), 50000 seaman mainly Greek (!)
    27 SOL and 20 frigates

    Apparently the spacing between decks was higher to allow for the headgear worn by sailors making the ships sit very high and unable to carry great sial without the risk of capsizing. There was no naval uniform as such.

    The Turks obtained the French frigate Brune (28) when they captured Corfu.

    Source: Navies of the Napoleonic Era Digby Smith

    See also

    I also found some fleet lists in an old rules set I have : Action Under Sail 4th ed
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    Dan, thanks for the time you put in for this wanted information.
    Seems like the only color pictures I've seen of Ottoman ships were the Sinbad the Sailor movies I watched many years ago.

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    GOT IT!! Stupid, I should have searched for the obvious, Turkey has a naval museum..duh.

    This links shows half models of various ships, looks like they used white down the sides
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    Thanks again Dan. This goes in my add to favorite column.
    I would assume that the “Selimiye with 3 Hold” is a 128 gun and not the 28 gun that it shows.

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    yes she looks like a four decker, ship of the same name built 1809 with 128 guns


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