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  1. Point Equivalent for Coastal Shore Batteries - Is there a Standard Endorsed by Ares?

    I was considering the potential for more complex using Coastal Batteries (the game expansion pack) but came up with a question Ships are given points by Ares for forming equal flotillas. But if an...
  2. Pulling Chits for Damage is Fun....Pulling Chits other than for damage is painful

    The subject line pretty much sums up my opinion on pulling chits for un-entangling, for weather changes and anything else I can't think of right now that is not damage.

    To clarify - love the game....
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    HMS Leander / HMS Adamant For Sale

    I suspect this ship is quite common but I ended up with too many. This happened because I saw that was selling them for $8.50 CAD. I would be happy to sell this nice ship for the...
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    Thanks for the clarification. That was fast. Am...

    Thanks for the clarification. That was fast. Am I setting myself up for failure if I get caught up in the flags (only Royal Navy Red Squadron sail together or purchase any and all Napoleonic...
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    Noobie Questions

    I am eagerly awaiting the mailman's delivery of my SoG on a whim purchases. To add to my excitement, I have been researching the ships in that Ares has captured for this game and I cant get all the...
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