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April 6, 1952 (70)
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5-6 Rates (24- 30 guns, 1 deck)
I am a late baby boomer with very limited computer skills. I have many passions, but my greatest are my children and wargaming miniatures.


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Napoleonic Ship Wrecks

by Volunteer on 02-13-2013 at 18:32
Napoleonic Ship Wrecks
I saw some wrecked 1:1200 ship wrecks on someone's website and thought I would try to build a few. The hulls are made of plaster. I found they looked better if I completed the masts and rigging first, then broke the masts.

This one is a 100 gun 3-decker wrecked in battle.

This one is a 74 gun with

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Updated 05-17-2017 at 01:48 by Volunteer


1:1200 French (or British) Port

by Volunteer on 02-02-2013 at 05:47
For some time I had been thinking about building some terrain for 1:1200 Napoleonic ships. I settled on a European port protected by breakwaters and a fort. So over the holidays I had some time to devote to this. I ordered Langton buildings from Rob Eubanks at Waterloo Miniatures. Then I came across some laminate flooring scraps in the barn and thought hey, these could work as terrain modules. Each piece is 7.5 inches wide. So I cut two pieces 16 inches long and snapped them together to make rectangle

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UK Naval Ensigns Nap.doc : Update: Reloaded July 1, 2017 Here is the first of three sheets of sized Napoleonic Naval ensigns ... 02-06-2013 190
FR Naval Ensigns Nap - scaled.doc : Update" Reloaded July 1, 2017 Here is the second set of sheets for the French Navy. 02-06-2013 125
Spanish Naval Ensigns Nap-scaled.doc : Update: Reloaded July 1, 2017 The third set of ensign sheets for the Spanish Navy 02-06-2013 147
19th Cent Naval Flags.doc : Update: File reloaded July 1, 2017 And here is another couple of sheets with assorted ensigns and ... 02-06-2013 502
Ships of the Line 1700-1860 by Nation.doc : Update: Reloaded July 1, 2017 This is a compiled list of the numbers of ships of the line belongi ... 02-06-2013 65
East India Company Flags 1707 - 1820 : These are East India, West India, & Merchant flags: British, Dutch, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden 07-01-2017 36
Flags of the Ottoman Empire : Ottoman Empire Flags, various sizes 07-01-2017 14
Small ships & Frigates 1700-1860.doc : Update: File reloaded July 1, 2017 This is a list of the number of small ships and frigates by na ... 02-06-2013 188
Popham’s Signal Flag Sheet : Popham’s Signal Flag Sheet 07-01-2017 37
Various Signal flag Systems : Other signal flags before Popham's 07-01-2017 43
FLAGS War of 1812 : FLAGS War of 1812 07-01-2017 52
American Revolution Naval Flags : American Revolution Naval Flags 07-01-2017 37
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