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  • Bligh

    by Published on 04-22-2020 09:16
    Article Preview

    With the arrival of the Dry dock and some more buildings plus ships and impedimenta from Langtons the Dockyard module was now ready for construction.

    Firstly, I cut out the base from plastic sheet.

    Next I sculpted the contours from insulating foam.

    Then I completed the basic shaping and glued up the two parts securing them with Duct Tape..

    The following morning I unwrapped the glued ...
    by Published on 07-28-2019 08:17
    Article Preview

    I have kicked off January by amputating some ships to start building my Chilean Navy Squadron.


    Now to remove unsightly midriff bulge.

    After gutting the ship's mid section cut off the peg for use later.

    Drill a hole in the end and superglue in a steel pin ready for re attaching to the ship's hull at a later stage.

    Just ...
    by Published on 02-07-2019 05:27
    Article Preview

    Starting a new project today with a new fort on a headland ideal for the War of 1812.

    Working up ideas for the layout.

    The final layout.

    Cutting out, and fitting to existing coastline.

    The next stage in the process is Routing out the covered way,

    Then the final fitting of the fort before taking it off to paint.

    Next a coat of ...
    by Published on 02-07-2019 03:32
    Article Preview

    The building of the HMS Thunderer.
    " How to" on a Victorian Pre Dreadnought.

    The kit.

    I start building the Bridge and upper foredeck.

    Next job was opening up all the holes for fittings.

    and trial testing the parts for fit and the easiest order for assembly.

    Now the undercoat.

    Next the hull got a coat ...
    by Published on 01-16-2019 03:13
    Article Preview

    On the rocks!

    Just started work on three sets of rocks to go with my shoals.

    Basic brown undercoat ready for a bit of painting.

    Got started by matching up the sea colour to my mat and getting that on whilst the paint dried on another project.

    Next move, getting the surf up.
    by Published on 04-12-2018 06:13
    Article Preview

    Marking out the ground on foam ready for Fort Corral.

    Today I routed out the headland to fit the fort into the cliff face,

    The cutting out of the coastline in rough with my Abra saw.

    I did get a chance to begin some Terra forming before leaving this morning.

    First chance to get back to it today.
    More Terra forming in relation ...
    by Published on 04-12-2018 05:46
    Article Preview

    San Pedro Fort Valdivia.

    Marking out for the Island using a google image of the Isla Mancera.


    And here is the basic shape cut out and ready to add the beach.


    This morning a little marking out ready for the Router.


    Leaving the contouring for a while, today I am now starting to cut up and assemble the parts for the fortifications.


    Here is today's progress. Being snowed in is a wonderful thing to get some work done.

    Cutting filing joints to fit and assembly of the Fort.

    Marking out the base.

    Cut out base being checked for accuracy with the cliff top.

    Rob. ...
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    Third Rate 60 and 64 gun ships of the Royal Navy.

    HMS Monmouth (1772)

    HMS Monmouth was an Intrepid-class 64 gun third rate ship of the line, one of the first in a batch of four ships built

    Bligh Today, 13:00 Go to last post
    David Manley

    Favourite Nautical related tipple.

    The CO of HMS Grey Goose was the naturalist Sir Peter Scott who founded the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust here in Gloucestershire (about 2 miles from where

    David Manley Today, 10:41 Go to last post

    Experiments in Casting

    I wonder if vibrating the mould might release the bubble Dobbs? As an aside that is a nifty Band Saw you have there. ( Bandsaw envy)

    Bligh Today, 10:02 Go to last post


    Welcome aboard Dobbs.

    Bligh Today, 09:56 Go to last post

    Experiments in Casting

    18 hours have passed.

    The tape is off.

    The mold is extracted from its tin.

    Dobbs Today, 06:24 Go to last post


    Alright, sign me up!

    Dobbs Today, 04:33 Go to last post

    Nautical related Taverns.


    Bligh Today, 03:33 Go to last post

    Favourite Nautical related tipple.

    HMS Grey Goose.

    With regard to our sailing navy the relevance of a grey goose came with the definition of dawn. When you can

    Bligh Today, 03:12 Go to last post


    Obviously Suzanne's technical expertise extends much further than writing exhilarating journey logs, sailing boats and their auxiliary

    Bligh Today, 03:04 Go to last post


    I would see your role as advisor on points of sailing, much as you have done to facilitate me with my Xebecs, gunboats etc. In fact the ships which we

    Bligh Today, 02:57 Go to last post

    Nautical related Taverns.

    The Rum Barrel in Key West, Florida, USA. Apparently this pub has over 130 rums from which to choose.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 21:51 Go to last post

    Favourite Nautical related tipple.

    There are several versions of Admiral Vernon's Old J rum. This one is flavoured with marasca cherry.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 21:42 Go to last post


    In a nutshell, we try to "fill in the blanks" and use existing ship data to extrapolate reasonable values for ships Ares has not yet offered--case

    Diamondback Yesterday, 16:30 Go to last post


    Thanks Chris, but don't worry over it because I have plenty to be going on with so there is no real panic. If you have no luck I am OK.

    Bligh Yesterday, 15:10 Go to last post


    Suzanne says, "It's all about the eye shadow in the cotton to make the smoky brown color." Almay Everyday Neutrals - Dark Brown Eyelids Crease

    Dobbs Yesterday, 15:02 Go to last post


    What sort of things does the Stats Committee do (what would my responsibilities be)? Before I sign on, I want to make sure I can do a good job!

    Dobbs Yesterday, 14:58 Go to last post


    Here's another picture we took shortly after leaving our anchorage one morning:

    I thought I'd start a list of boats with our

    Dobbs Yesterday, 14:52 Go to last post
    Capn Duff


    Have found out why not been able to contact the man about the bases, he sold up... so am trying to source a new option, will keep you informed

    Capn Duff Yesterday, 14:20 Go to last post

    Experiments in Casting

    A while ago, I picked up some Alumilite Silicone Mold-making materials, but never got around to using them. I've never done anything like this, but was

    Dobbs Yesterday, 12:48 Go to last post

    Transport Ideas????

    The beauty about the trundle box I use is that you can bungee a couple of plastic foam lined plastic boxes on the top to hold extras or scenery.

    Bligh Yesterday, 12:46 Go to last post