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Scratch Building HMS Leopard Part 4

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Adding the Rail and some Detail

I had a few minutes to spare this afternoon. I wasn't liking the strip of card stock that I added to the bow of the ship. It was too square... So I put a new blade into the X-Acto knife and went to work. (I wanted a REALLY sharp blade)

Very important to draw the blade through the paper here, let the edge of the blade "saw" through it on a microscopic level. If you try to just push the blade through the paper, it will tear and crush.

The curve that I've added is more appealing (to me, at least). (the color is unimportant right now)

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There will eventually be 6 guns visible on the Upper Gun deck. They're going to need gun ports. So, a little more work for the trusty knife.

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Now to add some rails. I cut some very narrow strips to glue in place with thin CA glue.

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Next, I decided that the Poop Deck needed to be a little higher. So, I added another piece of 1/16th inch thick sheeting to the top of the Poop Deck. Then, with the Dremel, I cut away some of the new wood to leave a rail around the Poop Deck.

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Next, some thin strips added as rail around the Fore Castle.

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Then a little more spackling compound and some light sanding for shape... And I went ahead and glued some cross beams into the opening above the Upper Gun Deck.

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That's all the time I have for now.

NEXT UP: Rig the Bosun's Chair! & A Visit to the Cannon Foundry!

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