Weight of Shot

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I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone how fast a sloop falls apart.

It got me to thinking though. A sloop fighting a sloop ought to be able to take damage like a frigate vs. a frigate, or 3rd vs. 3rd, etc. It's just that SoG is treating all guns as the same weight of shot.

I propose that ships with less than 9 pdrs subtract -2 from any numerical broadside damage indicated on a chit. Ships with 9-12 pdrs, -1. Ships with a mix go with the heaviest guns as the modifier.

Sloops have 6 pdrs.
Amazons, Concordes, and Mahonesas have 12 pdrs.
Every other ship is unmodified.

18, 24, and 32 pdrs all get equal treatment as their ship smashing strength is expressed in the broadside numbers.

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  1. RJF758's Avatar
    Makes good sense. I make my own schooners out of balsa wood to represent American privateers. Typically the only carried 4 pounders which wouldn’t dent a frigate except at close range. I modified to only damage sails and crews. Any other damage to frigates and above are ignored