Schooner Rules for Sails of Glory

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Here are my House Rules for schooners plus some other wind related rules. Note that the Green Arc is reversed with the Yellow Arc, since fore and aft vessels sail to windward better than downwind. The page numbers refer to the SoG rulebook.

Schooner Rules for Sails of Glory 05-05-19

Page 10
Burden 1 Movement: Due to their agility, unlike larger ships which must plan two movement cards ahead, all vessels with a Burden of 1 need only plan one movement card ahead.

Page 11
Tacking: At the end of any turn that a ship with one gundeck ends its movement in the red arc, its sail setting counter is temporarily moved one to the right. The next turn, as long as the ship’s new speed is either Battle or Backing Sails, but the ship is still in the red zone, the player uses the 1st hourglass movement on the red cards. Any turn where a ship’s sail speed has dropped to “Struck Sails”, the ship must move using the 2nd hourglass on the appropriate red card. For instance, a ship moving at “Backing Sails” and turning into the red would, at the end of the turn, temporarily reduce its speed to “Struck Sails”. While it remains in the red arc, any movements for this ship would use the 2nd hourglass movements on the red cards.

Any ship that uses a 2nd hourglass movement will be stationary for the first move after it has exited the red arc.

Once movement reverts to blue bordered cards, the ship must move for that turn at the speed to which the counter dropped. If the counter dropped to “Struck Sails”, the ship is stationary for the first card after the last red bordered card. The ship can gain one sail setting per turn afterward, back to its original speed or any speed the player chooses.

A ship’s speed exiting a tack is based on its original speed entering a tack, regardless of sail changes or wind speed changes.

* Ships with two gundecks only get one 1st hourglass move, whether moving at Battle or Full Sails.

* Ships with three or more gundecks only get to use a 1st hourglass move if they are moving at Full Sails.

If any ship turns into the red arc while using a damaged mast card, it must use the 2nd hourglass movement on the next turn. If a ship must use a red card while it is using the damaged mast cards for movement, the player draws a red card randomly.

Pages 14, 17, 25, 26, 36, 37
Broadsides and Musket Fire: Firing works exactly like in basic rules, with the exceptions if crew experience is used.

A target is in arc if the firing arc passes over some portion of the model’s hull. Range is determined from the firing arc’s red dot to the target’s base.

Burden 1 ships, or ships armed with 4 or 6 pounders as their main battery subtract -2 from any numerical chit draws for damage. Any crew hits are also half damage. Burden 2 and 3 ships, or ships armed with 9 or 12 pounders as their main battery subtract -1 from any chit draws for damage. All other damage remains the same as larger ships.

Schooners: If the wind is blowing through the Blue arc on the schooner’s base, the schooner moves at the orange rate at the next slower wind speed. If the ship is already at Backing Sails, the player moves the forward edge of the ship’s base to the line for the orange Full Sails setting. If the schooner is sailing in light wind at backing sails, it pivots on the stern quarter closest to the direction the player wishes to turn. The ship is pivoted just far enough to be out of the blue arc.

Sail Trim: A player may check his ship's position relative to the wind at any time, representing the helmsman always watching the trim of the sails.

Light and Extremely Light Wind Slow Speed: In Light wind, a ship using backing sails may move by moving the forward edge of the ship’s base up to the line for the battle sails setting. In Very Light wind, the ship would be at battle sails to move at this speed. In Very Light air, at backing sails, the vessel would be stopped. This may be used by a vessel at Backing Sails in Fair wind by reducing sail to the Spilling Wind box.

A vessel moving at this speed cannot tack. If it turns into the wind and requires a red card, the card used is the one that is opposite the turn that took it into the red arc, and it uses the second hourglass. A single gundeck ship moving at this speed may not use a turn card pair sharper than 7/3. A ship with two or more gundecks moving at this speed may not use a turn card pair sharper than 6/4.

If the wind decreases and a ship was planning a sharper turn than allowed, it uses the sharpest available turn at the Slow Speed.

Sailing Closehauled:
A player playing a blue card that would carry his ship into the red arc may declare before movement that he intends to sail closehauled. The ship must be closehauled on the same tack that it was before the movement. If the blue card would carry the ship into the red arc on the opposite tack, it must be played as is.

Blank Schooner Cards:
Ship Base Cards - Anchorage 2.pdf

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