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Favorite Nautical Tune

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Throughout human history, from Gregorian chants to modern folk songs, music has been employed to lift spirits and unite various cultures towards common purposes. The microcosm of seafaring society is not exempt from these oral traditions, as evidenced by shanties with origins in rhythmic work chants and rousing “fo’c’sle” songs sung by off-duty crew.

Thanks to a generous grant from the U.S. government, I have been able to conduct extensive research in the history and origins of music from the Golden Age of Sail.* As part of this research a poll was conducted in an effort to determine the most popular maritime tunes. The top five results from our poll are provided above in random order.

It occurred to me that many of you may not be familiar with some of these tunes so I rummaged through youtube to find the best renditions available. Links to each are provided below for your reference and listening pleasure.

Blow the man down (Circa 1860)
Drunken Sailor (c. 1855)
In The Navy (c. '79)
Beyond the Sea (c. '49)
Das Leibe Schiff (c. '77)

*In the United States the Golden Age of sail is generally accepted to be the era just prior to the proliferation of steam ships. (c. 1830 to 1880)

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