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Avast Lubbers!

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I be Capt’n Coyote. As stated on another forum board, you may refer to me as Lord Captain Charles, Second Beef of Wellington. Diamondback suggested, “Lord Chuck Fulla Bull,” although, I would prefer “Barron of B.S.” In a name befitting my avatar, you can refer to me as The Scientist Captain. (Engineer) In honor of my favorite Captain, the immortal Jean Luc Picard, you may also feel free to address me as “The Earl of Grey.” If you are in a hurry, "Sir" will be fine. (or "Mr. Coyote" if you're nasty.)

I once ruled the Great Lake of Michigan in my mighty 15’, no-gun sloop dubbed “Breakin’ Wind.” Unfortunately, I had to sell it years ago but I vow to once again rule the waves. (Just as soon as I finish paying off my gambling debts.) If you’re out there reading this Mr. Vinnie “No Neck” Fortuna, I’m putting you on notice. The odds are a paltry 25:1 (against) getting your money, with interest, the instant the Cubs win the World Series.

Triple rum rations for everyone if the Cubs pull it off.* (I think this year is finally their year, or maybe next year, we’ll see.)

*Disclaimer: "Triple rum rations for everyone" implies anyone 21+ years old may purchase the absolute lowest grade rum at a cost of only triple the going rate in your local market. Price does not include shipping. An additional handling fee of $50 will also be applied to your order at time of purchase. Rum will be diluted with 75% "natural" spring (read "toilet") water. (There be no free rides on this ship.)

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