First game finale

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If it weren't for the comical movement cards restricting sailing vessels to crawling barely twice their own length in one turn, Aquilon repaired her masts and was able to race away in only two turns. Vanguard never did recover. She floundered. Aquilon apparently lost because she sailed off the engagement area and was lucky to get away., but Vanguard, sitting dead in the water, won.

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  1. David Manley's Avatar
    I guess from the sound of that you have some issues with the way the game works?
  2. Kentop's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by David Manley
    I guess from the sound of that you have some issues with the way the game works?
    You bet I do. There are much better simulations out there. SOG is what I call an "entry level" napoleonic war-game. It's fast and fun and you don't have to create your own ships and learn a bunch of arcane rules. SOG lets you jump right in start fighting immediately. It's a gateway drug to better systems. Which is all good. I love the game. When you play it, you aren't worrying about some obscure rule about wearing a full rigged ship in high winds, you are simply trying to bring your guns to bear as close as possible without getting shot to pieces first. It's a great starter game, and allows non-modelers a chance to send a fleet into battle without painstakingly having to create the ships to scale. Long after SOG has ceased to operate like Avalon Hill, SPI, Strategy and Tactics, etc., Ares models will be traded and sold for Napoleonic warfare games for decades to come.