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SGN reprint chart

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Uploaded by Diamondback - 03-04-2014
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A chart showing everything confirmed for SGN, and all known reprint potential for the announced sculpts as of posting date.

It's in Excel format, and works best with wide screens and narrow fonts--I created it using Agency FB type on a 1440x900 widescreen, and most recent rework has been on a 1920x1080--if you don't have Agency FB, Arial Narrow or Times New Roman should be OK too.




03-06-2014 at 03:31
For some reason I cant open this file at all. Suggestions? I'm running office365
04-15-2014 at 16:29
I think I saved it as Excel 97/2000/XP format. Anybody else having problems, so I can try to debug this?