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Sials of Glory Campaign: The War

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Uploaded by ranstu5417 - 07-14-2017
Author Author Randy Stumman
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I have completed the campaign that I developed call "The War".

This is a 9 battle campaign using solo rules. It can also be played with multi players. It plays very well solo.

These 9 battles have a narrative story line of a fictitious war between the French/Spanish and the English/Americans.

I have most of the ships, 4 mats, and 2 sets of coastal batteries. I play mostly solo and wanted to develop a major campaign using this equipment. It has taken me months of development and play testing, which has been an absolute joy to do. I really love this game.

If you don't have all of this equipment you can still play the campaign. You will just duplicate using the ships and reducing down the mats and coastal batteries.

I hope you all enjoy it.

I will upload after this the battle reports if one wants to read how the battles went and the outcome of the campaign.




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