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    by Published on 11-24-2011 05:33

    Ahoy Mate!

    You have just come aboard the flag ship site for Sails of Glory. Here you will find a first rate crew and all the information about the game and its future releases. You will also find many house rules and game aides to make playing the game more enjoyable.

    So welcome aboard and enjoy your tour.

    The Royal Hajj

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    New members signing on.

    This evening we are joined by a new shipmate from the USA. He is Steven, aka Stoney77 from Indiana.

    Bligh 05-17-2024, 15:30 Go to last post

    August 1776

    Superb Dobbs.
    Just what we need to keep the Royal Navy on their toes. Swanning about in New York harbour indeed.


    Bligh 05-17-2024, 10:15 Go to last post

    August 1776

    The practices and mission shall follow.

    Once I feel confident that my game mechanics for Turtle vs. Eagle are functional and fun, I will

    Dobbs 05-16-2024, 10:24 Go to last post

    August 1776

    The British fleet is in New York harbor. At an undisclosed location on the Hudson, just north of Manhattan, David Bushnell stands on the deck of the

    Dobbs 05-16-2024, 09:04 Go to last post