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  • British Pre Dreadnought build.

    The building of the HMS Thunderer.
    " How to" on a Victorian Pre Dreadnought.

    The kit.

    I start building the Bridge and upper foredeck.

    Next job was opening up all the holes for fittings.

    and trial testing the parts for fit and the easiest order for assembly.

    Now the undercoat.

    Next the hull got a coat of black and whilst that was drying I did the funnels in Buff.

    Now getting all the ancilliary parts painted.

    Gluing in the Stubs of the masts and the Ventilators.
    Much easier to place before the Funnels go in.

    Finally for today the Funnels, sea boats, and guns.

    The next job was to silver solder wire together to make the two detatchable topmasts.

    Here they are painted and ready with the searchlight platforms added.

    Just the rigging and bunting to add now.

    Ship completed with detachable upper masts for ease of storage.

    Here she is at last all masted rigged and ship shape fashion.

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    New members signing on.

    This afternoon we were joined by a new shipmate from Spain. He is Carlos,aka MintJam from Madrid.


    Bligh Today, 14:08 Go to last post

    New Members.

    Today we have a new shipmate from West Sussex. He is Mark, aka Sparty 1701 from East Grinstead.


    Bligh Yesterday, 14:09 Go to last post

    Belated November Workbench

    That's something when you think about it ! But on second thought, it appears to be a sensible amount of time in proportion to the very fine results

    Dubourdieu 12-07-2022, 15:57 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.


    TexaS 12-07-2022, 03:12 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.

    Thanks! Now if only I could finish some ship models!

    DeRuyter 12-06-2022, 14:12 Go to last post

    Rulers, Pointers, and Coastal Sets for Sale

    I made these attitude indicators and rulers and they're extras.

    Attitude Indicator $5
    Attitude Indicator $5

    Dobbs 12-04-2022, 17:26 Go to last post

    New members signing on.

    Yet another US shipmate this evening . He is James, aka lord_chaos45 from Washington.


    Bligh 12-03-2022, 14:18 Go to last post

    New Sails of Glory Shirts!

    Nice offering my Lordship. It can get very cold even for an Admiral standing on the Poopdeck on blockade off the French coast in winter. Well rep

    Bligh 12-03-2022, 14:02 Go to last post
    The Royal Hajj

    New Sails of Glory Shirts!

    Sorry guys, there was an issue with the site that took some time to clear up. It is now back online and I've got some new products to offer.

    The Royal Hajj 12-03-2022, 09:59 Go to last post

    New members signing on.

    This morning we have another new shipmate from the United States joining us.
    He is John, Aka Sleepyhollow77 from Pennsylvania.


    Bligh 12-03-2022, 03:32 Go to last post