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  • How I made my Islands for W@S and PotC.

    I start off with this... A block of florist foam.

    Then I use a long serrated knife to cut it about 1" thick or roughly 3-4 separate thinner blocks lengthwise.

    I used a cutout of the island shape that I wanted to make as a cutting template. Using a hot wire I cut out the basic outline of the island.

    Since the florist foam is very myable and easy to shape, I used my fingers and some sculpting putty tools to shape the upper parts of the islands.
    Prior to actually painting the islands I give them a quick coat of watered down white glue (PVA for you in Europe and elsewhere) to lock down the foam and give it a good surface to paint with. It's very important to wash out the brush completely after using it to brush on the glue. Or use a disposable brush. Once that has dried, then I give the island a base coat of paint depending on what I want it to be. In this case I painted the entire Island with a green base coat. Adding flocking and beach details will come later.

    After painting any areas that I do not want to be green and the beach edges white, I add the flocking. I use the same brush that I used to apply the white glue with to once again apply a lightly watered down white glue. I apply a thin coat and am careful to only put it where I want the flocking to go. Then I dust the glue with the flocking. Using my fingers I press the flocking into the glue and then dust the area again, and once more press the flocking into the glue so that I get a good coverage. I shake off the excess back into my flocking container.

    I then add additional bits of large flocking and other details, sometimes I'll add small rocks. In this case I made a small airfield and buildings and put them on the island. This particular island was made for Axis & Allies War at Sea game.

    Top down view. Notice the airfield and buildings. Then I carefully painted surf and wave tops to add to the detail.

    Another Island for W@S with a marina with small boats.

    An Atol island

    A generic small island
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    1. Bligh's Avatar
      Bligh -
      I just promoted this to a "How To" article Daniel, as it was sufficiently detailed and all in one post.
    1. The Mad Scot's Avatar
      The Mad Scot -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bligh View Post
      I just promoted this to a "How To" article Daniel, as it was sufficiently detailed and all in one post.
    1. Capn Duff's Avatar
      Capn Duff -
      Very nicely done Daniel, good instruction, soma well done howto
    1. Bilge Rat's Avatar
      Bilge Rat -
      Looking at the first pics..... The thing about Gold Percy, is that it is Gold. What you have invented, if indeed it has a name, is some Green.....Edmund Blackadder.

      But I have to say, they look pretty darned good.
    1. Union Jack's Avatar
      Union Jack -
      Any chance of a pic with a SoG ship for scale please?

      Nice islands by the way. May invest some time into the airfield type for my Pacific War Campaign over on the 'Drome.

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