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  • SGN and Langton miniatures Ratlines

    Due to lack of other means to add ratlines to the SGN ships I have used the brass etched ratlines used by 1/1200 modellers from Langton miniatures.

    The following is a list of ratlines best suited for our ships

    note not perfect fit as they are for a different scale and model and some do need cutting down and others need strategic placing and angling, but they do enhance once in place.
    For them to work and look the part you will need to paint the fighting tops black and be prepared to come down the mast a couple of rings so the ends do not show up.
    In the next week or so I will add another thread showing how I use the ratlines and how to place.

    In the meantime

    Ares pack. Langton part number

    SGN101. PE6
    SGN102. PE1
    SGN103 PE6
    SGN104 PE1
    SGN105 PE4
    SGN106 PE2 and PE9 Use the PE9 for the centre mast, then use PE2 to fill up using the ratlines for one mast lower, ie Main mast ratlines now go on foremast, foremast use on mizzen mast, or top of main mast, which ever takes your preference and looks right.
    One set of PE9 thus gives the centre set of ratlines for two ships
    SGN107 PE10
    SGN108 PE2 and PE9 same as SGN106
    SGN109 PE3
    SGN110 PE4
    SGN111 PE1
    SGN112 PE1
    SGN113 PE3/4
    SGN114 PE6
    SGN115 PE2
    SGN116 cant say, not got this model so dont know.
    If anyone has questions feel free to ask but to show what they look like here are some of my ships rigged and ratlined.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: SGN and Langton miniatures Ratlines started by Capn Duff View original post
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    Medals and promotions Board.

    Coming thick and fast today. Bill Wentworth has just achieved his Book Review Bronze Medal.

    Well done Bill.

    Bligh Today, 13:13 Go to last post

    Ships boats

    GHQ sells three different ship's boats as well, but Langton has the crewed and oared boats. Crews are approximately 2 MM in size.

    Volunteer Today, 13:10 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.

    Nice gong, Dobbs, and well deserved.

    ShadowDragon Today, 12:16 Go to last post

    What's on Your Workbench for March?

    Spot on sir spot on. Ship shape and Brizol fashion.

    Bligh Today, 11:17 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.


    That’s well deserved!

    TexaS Today, 11:14 Go to last post

    Ships boats

    Since some of the Sails of Glory ships aren’t perfectly to scale I don’t find ships boats or buildings in 1:1200 to be really that out of

    TexaS Today, 11:11 Go to last post
    Capn Duff

    Medals and promotions Board.

    Congrats Dobbs, well deserved that man, a glass of Port for me if you please.
    Also to you Paul, well done that man

    Capn Duff Today, 11:06 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.

    Congratulations Dobbs. I have learned a lot from your posts. Congratulations to you as well Paul, two medals at once is quite impressive. Well done and

    Continentaleye Today, 10:36 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.

    Rum for all! I've been looking forward to this one!

    ....and an extra round for my fellow medal recipient! Two medals! Good job, Paul!

    Dobbs Today, 10:17 Go to last post

    What's on Your Workbench for March?

    My pleasure, Admiral! I trust she arrived ship-shape and seaworthy in every way?

    Dobbs Today, 10:14 Go to last post

    Medals and promotions Board.

    Today Dobbs joins that elite group of members who have been awarded 500 Rep points by their shipmates.
    Very well earned Dobbs.

    Bligh Today, 05:47 Go to last post

    What's on Your Workbench for March?

    After a rapid passage of only eight days from the Chesapeake to Nottingham via the river Trent the USS President docks at Chez Bligh.


    Bligh Today, 05:32 Go to last post

    Favourite Nautical related tipple.


    Bligh Today, 05:27 Go to last post

    Nautical related Taverns.


    Bligh Today, 05:24 Go to last post

    An Affair in Morocco (Part Three) Sɪˈrɒkoʊ! The sequel!

    Only two days later following a swift passage the sister ship of Constitution, the USS President, joins her to bolster the forces opposing Kamel Mudinyaei's

    Bligh Today, 05:15 Go to last post
    Capn Duff

    Call up papers.

    Received my callup Sat7rday morning, booked yesterday. First jab aweek tomorrow then second late May

    Capn Duff Today, 02:38 Go to last post

    What's on your workbench for February?

    That is a fine body of men you have there Jonas.


    Bligh Today, 02:17 Go to last post

    Call up papers.

    In the UK we are having to wait 12 weeks between jabs.

    Bligh Today, 02:13 Go to last post

    AWI Espionage - The Theft of British Naval Signals in 1781

    Thanks for uncovering that insightful article Anthony. It just shows that the possession of signal books was not always as pivotal to actions as some

    Bligh Today, 02:10 Go to last post

    Call up papers.

    The wife and I got our first back on Feb 3rd. Our second is this week on March 4th. They are doing three to four weeks between shots here.

    Volunteer Today, 00:13 Go to last post